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The fishery that PRG accesses from the Estancia La Paz offers an astonishing array of variety and options. Whether you like to float or wade, this area will deliver one of the finest fly fishing experiences of your life. Depending on the time of the year, weather, and fishing conditions, guests can expect to fish all of the top options found within the region. When you arrive, the fishing program director will determine what rivers are fishing best and which rivers suit each particular angler.

The guides make daily decisions for fishing destinations based on weather and clients preferences/input. It is the lodge philosophy to have guests fishing a different river each day, guests can expect to fish spring creeks, small rivers, creeks, large rivers, tail water rivers, and even the occasional lake. Each destination is different; some are waded and some are floated.

If you prefer wading, the lodge will try to send you on as many wade fishing trips as possible (it is possible on nice days to wet-wade and you should be prepared for that with appropriate footwear or heavy socks to fill your boots). Likewise, if you prefer floating, the lodge will send you on float trips. The more flexibility the lodge has in selecting your daily destinations, the more places they can send you, the more likely you will have the fly-fishing trip of a lifetime. River highlights include,

The Rio Grande – The Rio Grande is one of Argentina’s most prolific and beautiful trout streams. It is a large river containing plenty of flat water (for rising fish!), riffles and deep pools all of which give you a chance to try different techniques and to catch good numbers of fish on dry flies. The Rio Grande is one of the best terrestrial fishing rivers in Patagonia and is the Estancia La Paz home water in the Trevelin Area. The scenery is stunning and will remind anglers of the lower sections of Montana.

The Rivadavia River – The Rivadavia is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and possibly the crown jewel of Argentine fishing. It flows from Lago Rivadavia five miles until it reaches Lago Verde. The fishing is challenging but very rewarding as the fish average over 18 inches and pull like freight trains! Every angler is excited about their trip to the Rivadavia because of the beauty and the numbers of fish they can see and sight fish to. The water is gin clear and the banks are lined with beech trees and fallen logs, which often times make the casting challenging. Wading and sight fishing with small nymphs is a good way to hook up, as well as fishing large dries over the logs or chucking streamers under the tree lined banks to entice the large browns. There is also a fishable spring creek that flows into the Rivadavia and offers some exciting sight fishing. This river is the favored by the majority of experienced anglers because of the challenge, beauty, and fishing. The Rivadavia contains rainbows, browns, brook trout, and landlocked salmon.

Arroyo Pescado – The Arroyo Pescado is easily one of the best spring creeks in the world! It is situated about a thirty minutes east of Esquel (45 minutes from the lodge) in the Patagonian stepp and flows about five miles before joining up with the Rio Gualjaina (which in turn joins the Chubut.). The Arroyo can be fished from January 1st through May 1st and is strictly enforced by the private estancia.

The Rio Corintos and The Rio Percey – These two streams flow about 30 miles each before meeting and flowing into the Rio Grande. They offer walk wading opportunities for those wanting to get their feet wet. Not all the fish are large on these streams but the occasional fish over 18 inches can be caught on a large dry fly. The character of water is most often times like that of a freestone but some sections are also spring creek like. Both rivers are a nice choice for those who love wade fishing with a light rod and enjoy fishing in spectacular scenery.


The drift boats are sturdy inflatable’s that offer seating for two guests (front and back) along with the guide seated in the middle. These boats are rock solid and are very comfortable to fish from. Each guide has a modern 4 wheel drive pick-up truck for the numerous off road locations that guests will be fishing from.


United, American, Delta, Aerolineas Argentinas, and Lan Chile have non-stop service to Buenos Aires from Miami, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. For our Canadian guests, Air Canada flies to BA from Toronto. Guests coming in from Europe, there are direct flights to BA from just about every major European city.

Most international flights to Buenos Aires are nine to ten hours in duration and depart in the evening from the cities above. The evening flight allows passengers to sleep during normal hours or rest, Argentina is only one hour ahead of east coast time so jet leg is normally not too much of a factor. Your flights should be booked from your city of origin to Buenos Aires and then from Buenos Aires to Esquel or San Martin de los Andes (or Bariloche depending on the day and time of your arrival and departure).

Slipstream is a full service travel company that can handle a variety of services relating to your trip. For assistance, please contact us directly at 1 866 644-7703.


HIGH SEASON: December 28, 2020 to May 1, 2024
$8,900 USD DBL

Please contact the office for Single Supplement pricing availability

  • EZE - Argentina
  • December 1st to January 1st
  • Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout…
  • 12 rods per week guests
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Physicality: Low
  • CC Payment at Facility : Yes

PRG South

Tour Location


Estancia La Paz is located in the Esquel and Los Alerces Areas of Patagonia


Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout


Spring: December 1st to January 1st - The fishing season officially opens in Argentine Patagonia on November 1st; although, Patagonia River Guides (PRG) normally don’t open their doors until the first of December.

Summer: January 1st to March 15th - Summer is the most popular month for fishing and tourism in Patagonia. The kids are on vacation and tourists abound. The weather is the best this time of the year with decreasing precipitation and the warmest temperatures

Fall: March 15th to May 1st - Fall is the favorite of many anglers, it’s a great time to visit Patagonia. Summer tourist traffic drops off completely and PRG once again has a vast wilderness to themselves. Temperature decreases and precipitation rises this time of the year, which normally brings on the fall feeding frenzy of area trout with cooling and rising rivers.


There are no set arrival and departure days at the lodge


Simply put, the Estancia La Paz is one of the finest lodges we’ve ever stayed at. The location of the lodge is spectacular, it plugs guests right into the heart of one of the most diversified and varied trout fisheries we’ve ever seen. The attention to detail and guest comfort at Estancia La Paz goes well beyond the norm, owners Rance Rathie and Travis Smith have set a new standard for lodge accommodations in Patagonia. Everyone who loves to fish and travel should stay at this lodge at least once and preferably more than that.

Estancia La Paz is located in a stunning mountain valley on the bank of the Rio Grande. The lodge borders the southern margin of Los Alerces National Park and has unbeatable access to both Los Alerces and the Esquel Area’s rivers. The lodge features six beautiful cabins; four of the cabins have two bedrooms with queen size beds and a shared bathroom. One cabin has one king size bed and oversized bathroom, perfect for a couple. The final cabin has three bedrooms, all with queen beds and private bathrooms.

Each cabin is tastefully appointed with everything you could imagine from the finest hotels, a refrigerator stocked with drinks, and a nice deck overlooking one of the most beautiful panoramas in all of Patagonia. The lodge is comprised of several additional buildings, most important of which is the the 25-inch Club House, a centrally located bar, which allows guests to gather after fishing to share stories with friends. The 25-inch club includes a large deck and outdoor fireplace as well as an indoor fireplace, pool table, and comfortable sitting room. The lodge is completed by a beautiful dining room where you’ll enjoy a healthy breakfast in the morning and gourmet food (some of the best in Patagonia) prepared by Maria Freeman, the wonderfully talented chef, in the evening.

The dining room includes a large fireplace, computers and wi-fi for those guests that want to use it, satellite television, a large wine display featuring some of the best Malbecs in the county, and a large deck with a fantastic view of the Rio Grande.


12 rods per week

PRG South

Value for money

PRG South


  • Accommodations
  • All meals
  • All drinks including wine, beer, and liquor
  • Local transportation
  • Local airport shuttle service
  • Professional guide
  • Fishing license
  • All flies, leaders, and tippet
  • All applicable private water fees


  • Gratuity for guides and staff
  • Phone calls
  • Laundry
  • Personal shopping
  • Transfers, hotel or food in Buenos Aires
  • Ground transfers to and from Bariloche airport, if applicable


American, Canadian, British, EU and Australian guests will need a valid passport and return plane ticket to enter Argentina. Visas for these nationalities are not required.