Milestone Trips

What constitutes a milestone trip?

Quite simply : a special trip to commemorate a special occasion. Major birthdays are popular triggers for milestone trips. Of course, there are anniversaries, honeymoons and even a growing number of successful business deal celebrations. The selling of a business or bringing a new partner into a venture are all excellent reasons for a milestone trip. College reunions, family gatherings and “just because we want to” group trips are all excellent reasons to explore the world.

Do you have one of the “0” birthdays coming up, perhaps a 50th or a 60th? Is your 25th wedding anniversary approaching? Perhaps you have a child or grandchild graduating college. How are you planning to celebrate? Is it time for a milestone trip?

No matter where you choose to go, often the best milestone trips are wrapped around memorable events.

While the majority of our milestone trips involve fishing destinations, we also plan some extraordinary experiences where fishing plays only a small role in the overall trip experience. Our Partagas Cigar festival trip to Havana is just such one of these experiences, as is our much in demand running of the bulls trip to Pamplona Spain, each July.



A milestone trip may not be as easy as simply plucking a journey from your personal bucket list. While that’s a tempting option, if the trip will celebrate your spouse’s 50th or 60th birthday, his or her bucket may be filled with other countries and species to target than yours. Maybe you want to do a dedicated trout fish in Argentina, but your spouse dreams of hiking the whiskey trail in Ireland, where the salmon and pike fishing only play a secondary priority for the trip. Even though you might love to spend a week doing nothing but targeting permit, if he or she likes to catch a lot of fish, keep in mind that this trip is for him or her and that chasing permit all week is probably not the right fit for the trip.

Below are just some of Milestone trips we have put together over the past 3 years we have put together for clients.

  1. A live Aboard Billfish trip on the Great barrier Reef for a group of 24
  2. A customized Partagas Cigar Festival Trip in Havana Cuba for group of 6
  3. A Hemingway Tour of Northern Spain including trout fishing and Running of the Bulls for 12 guests
  4. A private residence Fishing Trip to Belize for 6 with executive chef
  5. An Argentina Split trip for 10 guests where the group fished at 2 different lodges in Patagonia
  6. A Cuban live Aboard tarpon trip for 8 guests
  7. A Brazil Argentina Split trip for 2 clients who spent a week fishing for Peacock Bass in the Brazilian Amazon and then a week in Argentina fishing for trout in San Martin de los Andes.

The sheer logistical aspects of timing the trip can be daunting, especially if there’s a large group involved. When is the best time to go to a specific destination, how far in advance should you book, is there a minimum/maximum number of guests that can be accommodated? There are lots of choices when considering a Milestone Trip. What we do to assist our guests in figuring out the “where and whens” of a Milestone Trip, is to compliment the decision making process with experience, knowledge and sound recommendations based on our understanding of what our clients’ priorities for the trip are. In doing so, we make the Milestone Trip planning process a pleasure.

This is what we do.

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