Currency in Argentina is the Argentine peso (ARS) $1 USD = roughly 15.22 ARS


Electricity in Argentina is 220 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to Argentina with a device that does not accept 220 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter. If your device supports 220 Volts and 50 Hz, then all you will need is the plug adapter.


Spanish. Many people in Argentina speak English as well, particularly in urban areas.

Time Zone

Argentina Time Standard Time is 3 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-3)

Country Information

​For all guests coming to Argentina, an overnight in Buenos Aires is both necessary and highly enjoyable. Famous for shopping bargains, unique monuments, art museums and of course tango dance clubs. Buenos Aires has some of the most exciting night life on the planet. Somewhat unfairly described as a second rate Paris, Buenos Aires is a smart, contemporary city that is full of life and bursting with energy.

While the spirit of the tango is alive and well and the gaucho heritage is celebrated, modern Argentina is far more cosmopolitan in its outlook than most South American countries.

Our principal area of interest in Argentina is the southern region of Patagonia. Patagonia is a wondrous example of one of nature’s most pristine and desolate ecosystems.

These celebrated lands occupy the southern territories of both Argentina and Chile. Patagonia makes up the southern most part of South America and while the northern border to Patagonia is somewhat disputed, it is said that the Rio Colorado marks the end of the Patagonian wild lands. This is a huge area and yet it is still one of the most unpopulated pieces of land on Earth.

The Argentinean Patagonia is broken down into six provinces: La Pampa, Neuquen, Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz, and Tierra del Fuego. Besides the stunning isolated landscape, Patagonia is ground-zero for all kinds of outdoor activities and adventures, including world-class fishing.

At Slipstream Angling, we have thirteen excellent angling options that can also include some outstanding wing shooting options in central Argentina as part of the trip. We even have a couple of wonderful private homes that can be rented out by the week for small groups.

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