Patagonia River Ranch


Patagonia River Ranch (PRR) offers one of the most diverse and logistically excellent fishing experiences we have encountered anywhere. Located on the lower section of the Chimihuin River, PRR has a wide angling focus that takes advantage of its proximity to some of the best rivers in all of Argentina. The level of detail that drives the lodge fishing program is nothing short of exceptional and is only matched by the high degree of organization that permeates throughout the entire fishing program at the lodge. It is nothing short of exceptional!

The Chimehuin River

Known to produce some of the largest freshwater German brown trout in Patagonia, the Chimehuin is one of the finest trout fisheries in the Americas. From its fabled mouth at the base of Lake Heuchulafquen, (also known as the boca, where fisherman dream of hooking into a one meter brown trout), the river winds its way through beautiful ranch lands, including past the town of Junin de los Andes, to its confluence with the Collon Cura River. The Chimehuin runs through the Patagonia River Ranch in the center of the most productive 50-mile section, allowing our guests to both float and wade-fish the river just 100 meters from our guest lodge.

Often referred to as “the Cathedral of Patagonia Fly Fishing”, the river was made famous in the 1960’s by many fly fishing icons (Joe Brooks, Lefty Kreh, Mel Kreiger and Billy Pate), giving Argentina great notoriety as a world class fly-fishing destination. Known for its healthy populations of rainbow and German brown trout, a variety of willow-lined banks, incredible riffles, and deep pools offer the angler a variety of fishing conditions. One of our top two favorite rivers in all of Argentina. Dry fly fishing for rainbows is exceptional and it holds a good number of trophy sized Browns. This is a spectacular river that has numerous braids and channels that offer a wide variety of angling opportunities.

The Collon Cura River

Descending from the Andean Range across the Patagonia Steppe, the Collon Cura is a mild gradient river born at the confluence of the Alumine and Catan Lil Rivers. The water conditions, willow-lined banks, lush vegetation and volcanic rock provide ideal habitat for the terrestrial insect life that supports this rivers’ abundant trout population, while also boasting some of the regions’ largest trout.

With its many different channels, broad gravel riffles, cut banks, and deep pools, the Collon Cura is a river full of possibilities where one can wade-fish pebble bottom stretches, drift through picturesque runs, and glide a streamer through a dark eddy line. It is said that the Collon Cura is home to some of the world’s hardest fighting rainbows, and legendary brown trout. Beyond the river banks, the spectacular scenery is complimented by an abundance of waterfowl, wild boars, red stags, and guanaco. Big and wild, the Collon Cura is the best place we know of for that once in a lifetime Brown Trout. It’s not a river that produces a lot of fish during a typical day. But anglers have a chance to catch that truly special fish, particularly in the lower section near the lake.

The Caleufu River

Above the Alicura Reservoir, the Caleufu flows approximately 60 miles through breathtaking mountain terrain in the Andes range. This is a fast-flowing waterway that will captivate you with its immense beauty and sensational fishing. During the day, the angler will experience three distinctly different terrain types, each with its own majestic and pristine beauty.

Here, an abundance of rainbows and browns are found feeding on caddis, mayflies, stoneflies, and even pancora crabs, inviting a variety of productive dry fly, nymph and streamer fishing. Very much a seasonal river, this stunning piece of water can really only be floated in the Spring and early summer. One of the most beautiful and scenic rivers in the country and an absolute must for an overnight camping trip.

The Alumine River

Flowing through the northern reaches of the Neuquen Province, the Alumine originates from the waters of the Moquehue and Alumine Lakes. The river travels 160 miles, joining forces with the Malleo, where it forms the Collon Cura River.

The lower stretch of the Alumine River, from the confluence of the Quillen, features an array of fishing habitat including large boulders, rocky steep cut and willow lined banks, and deep pools that support a world class fishery of incredibly strong rainbows and browns, giving way to larger brown trout as you travel downstream. The upper canyon sections of the Alumine offer some of the best float days in the country. Both browns and rainbows are in abundance and you will be hard pressed to find a more powerful and awe inspiring setting. A nice mix of fast and slow moving water throughout the day.

The Malleo River

From Lake Tromen in Lanin National Park, the Malleo River offers world-class wade fishing in three unique sections of unparalleled beauty. From the rocky cascading upper section filled with auraucaria trees and glimpses of the snow-capped Lanin Volcano, to the middle canyon section, and finally to the lower river that flows tranquilly through the desert valley, the Malleo is said to have some of the best dry fly fishing conditions in the world. The best dry fly river in Argentina, bar none. Probably my favorite river to fish in all of Argentina. An absolute must for all dry fly enthusiasts.

The Quilquihue River

From the outlet of Lake Lalog, this significant tributary of the Chimehuin is born. The Quilquihue offers both exceptional scenery along the Patagonia Steppe and ideal fishing conditions. This small and densely vegetated stream, which is in close proximity to San Martin de los Andes, supports heavy hatches throughout the fishing season and boasts large numbers of trout in the fast-flowing waterway. A fun and highly productive stream that offers constant surprises and very good dry fly fishing. Always a great day when you fish the Quilquihue. It offers some highly technical stretches that can pay off handsomely in terms of quality fish.

The Quemquemtreu River

Formed from several clear, cold cascading streams, the Quemquemtreu River is a notable tributary of the Collon Cura and a favorite wading spot among anglers. Well known for its classic dry fly fishing environment, spectacular scenery along this well-protected waterway and an abundance of beautiful rainbows and the occasional large brown trout provide an exceptional fishing experience. Another seasonal river that can really only be fished between November and January, when water levels are at their highest. For such a small stream, it holds some surprisingly big fish. My favorite stretch of the river is just below the where its starts, peeling off from the Collon Cura.

Rio Limay Medio

One of Northern Patagonia’s most remarkable trout streams, particularly for large fish, is the Rio Limay Medio (also known as the Middle Limay). This section of river – the only tailwater fishery in the region – features cool, stable water releases that create a rich habitat for a large and healthy fish population. It also provides abundant nourishment for several species of large minnows that migrate out of the very fertile Ezequiel Ramos Mejia Lake and up the river, which becomes food that helps grow some massive trout. Migratory brown and rainbows in the 30-inch+ range actually live here! And the year-round resident trout population runs from 18 to 25(+) inches. The Middle Limay is another location for those anglers seeking a trophy fish. It holds some absolute monster trout and these larger fish are usually accessed with intermediate and full sinking lines. This section of the river has little pressure and can only be accessed when staying with PRR as a guest.

This is quite possibly the best fishing lodge we have ever stayed at and if it’s not, it’s certainly within the top 2. This is an excellent location for non anglers, with a full list of quality options for those who don’t fish but want to accompany friends and family who do. Please contact us for non angling options at Patagonia River Ranch.


Inflatable rafts that seat 1 -2 anglers plus guide. 4 wheel drive vehicles.


Guest will fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina and overnight on the Friday. You will be picked up from the lobby of your hotel by a transfer agent, Saturday, to be transferred to a domestic airport where you will take a 2 hour jet flight on Aerolineas Argentina to the quaint resort town of San Martin de Los Andes.

At the end of your week at the Ranch, the following Saturday, you will be driven to the San Martin Airport (Chapelco Airport) to take your flight back to Buenos Aires. You will arrive in Buenos Aires about 4:00pm, where you’ll be met by a staff member. You will most likely have time to stop off for some shopping or an early dinner, before you are taken to the international airport for your flight home.

Slipstream is a full service travel company that can handle a variety of services relating to your trip. For assistance, please contact us directly at 1 866 644-7703.


7 nights with 6 days – $8,450 USD DBL Saturday to Saturday


  • EZE - Argentina
  • ​mid-November to mid-April
  • Brown / Rainbow Trout
  • 16 Guests per Week guests
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Language: English/Spanish
  • Physicality: Low
  • CC Payment at Facility : Yes

Patagonia River Ranch

Tour Location


Located in northern Patagonia, in the province of Neuquen.


Brown and Rainbow Trout


mid-November to mid-April


Saturday or Sunday to the following Saturday rotation


The native rock and timber lodge, of the Patagonia River Ranch, holds 8 spacious guest suites in the main lodge and 2 cottages, each with breathtaking views of the surrounding river valley.

The furnishings and decor are modeled after the classic fly fishing lodges of generations past, while providing luxuries and comforts not often found in fishing lodges around the world. Including two chefs a sommelier, and wine cellar with the finest wines from Argentina and Chile, complimentary L’Occitane bath and body products and 500 thread-count sheets.

Not only is the main lodge exquisite, but the landscape which has been sculpted is breathtaking. With over 4,000 rose bushes in numerous locations, an amazing vegetable garden, lavender fields, plus an orchard and berry patch. Numerous walking paths take you along well-marked trails and tree-lined ranch roads. You’re sure to enjoy your stay.

For non-anglers, or the angler needing to give his casting arm a well-deserved rest, non-fishing activities include horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking in the Andes, cooking classes with the lodges master chef, and day trips to the charming resort town of San Martin or nearby national parks. 3 full-time ranch hostesses accompany guests on all non-fishing activities.


16 guests per week

Patagonia River Ranch

Value for money

Patagonia River Ranch


  • Accommodation DBL occupancy at the Patagonia River Ranch
  • 6 Days guided fishing DBL occupancy
  • All meals
  • Alcohol
  • Fishing Gear
  • Additional activities including horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, cooking classes, mountain biking, and yoga.
  • Fishing License
  • Laundry service


  • Gratuities to staff and guides
  • International and domestic flights
  • Transfers between Buenos Aires and San Martin de los Andres
  • Any accommodation, on the front or back end, outside your package


American, Canadian, British, EU and Australian guests will need a valid passport and return plane ticket to enter Argentina. Visas for these nationalities are not required.