Canada - Manitoba

North Seal River Lodge


Almost 200 miles from the closest road, the North Seal is still one of the few areas left below the tree line that is still accessible only by air. This all but ensures for guests a pristine, virtually untouched fishery with very little angling pressure. Aside from the quality of the guest accommodations and lodge, Ganglers has been really smart in how they has made it a priority to keep the camp sizes small. By limiting the main lodge to only 24 guests and the outposts to 8 each, each guest is ensured the personalized attention that he or she deserves. Each camp is designed to be unique in layout and flavor, all accommodations are 5 Star and recognized as the finest in the North.

Gangler’s represents a vast stretch of untouched water and wilderness. Their exclusive lodge allocation stretches over 7200 sq. miles, a unique area where 12 river systems merge to form over 100 lakes and merge with one of Canada’s greatest rivers, the North Seal. The fishery is truly special – offering Canada’s finest opportunity to enjoy trophy fishing for the Canadian Grand Slam (northern pike, lake trout, walleye, and arctic grayling) in one setting. The waters are comfortable and diverse, ranging in size from 6 to over 20 miles long, offering protected water with no long boat rides.

The North Seal fishery is possibly the most amazing and varied in Northern Canada. This fishery has it all – variety, size, quantity – everything you wished for in a fishery lies here a rod’s cast away. Trophy pike and lake trout, Manitoba’s largest arctic grayling, and a surprisingly amazing walleye population are here for your pleasure. This 5,000,000 area holds over 100 lakes fed by 12 river systems. In this vast area, the habitat and topography change from lake to lake, offering unmatched diversity. Large sand bluffs, rocky points and boulder fields, clear waters, sandy bays, muskeg drainages, it is all available and it adds up to one very special interconnected fishery.

The pike fishery offers size and quantity, with over a thousand Master Anglers a year caught and released, and trophies up to 53”. Average size is 5-12 lbs. and numbers can easily exceed over 100 a day per boat. The North Seal offers a great mix of pike habitat, with rivers, clear bays and big cabbage beds where these fish wait in ambush for unlucky baitfish. The waters are clear with a slight tannic stain, offering excellent sight fishing. The Manitoba record for Master Anglers in one day was caught on the North Seal.

The NSR lake trout rivals any trout fishery in Manitoba, with lots of fish in the 5-12 lb. range, trophies ranging from 35-42” , and some real monsters up to 49”. That’s a 50 lb. lake trout. Rivers, channels, sand points offer excellent habitat in the spring with the trout descending into deeper holes as the summer progresses. Even better, these summer lake trout run in fairly shallow water, 40-80’ deep, easily accessible by trolling and vertical jigging. Schools of fish can be so concentrated a jig will never reach the bottom before being attacked. Trout numbers in the summer can also exceed 100 fish per day per boat.

The miles and miles of river here make for Manitoba’s finest grayling habitat. Boulder-laden with strong flow, it is the perfect environment for a world-class grayling population. Most rivers are easily accessible and wading is not usually required. The bug hatches are tremendous, the grayling gorge themselves here which makes them quite fat. North Seal grayling are beautiful, with a purplish gunmetal hue to their bodies, and fins painted fluorescent pink, purple and blue, each Nature’s finest watercolor. The flowing waters here can wow even the most experienced fly-fishermen. The largest grayling ever caught here was 24” and 14-18” fish are the norm.

This amazing watershed, rich with life, supports a fishery unique in both variety, quality, and quantity. For fly fishermen and spin fishermen, there are very few places on earth like the North Seal fishery.


15 foot Alumarine boats with 15 HP 4 stroke engines. Each boat has 2 comfortable seats with back support. The float planes are DeHavilland Otters and Beavers.


Guests will fly in and out of Winnipeg Manitoba on the Friday before the trip starts. Upon clearing customs (if coming in from out of country) you will be met by the Seal River Lodge expediter, who will take the luggage while guests head over to the hotel for the Friday night. Early the next morning, the expediters will transport guests to the charter aircraft for the flight to the lodge. Charter flights are located at the opposite end of the airport and usually depart between 6:00am and 6:30am. Guests flying the Convair 580 with Nolinair Aviation will fly directly to the lodge, arriving around 9:00am. Guests on smaller planes will have a short fuel stop in Thompson, MB. usually arriving around 9:30am. At the end of the trip, all guests should depart the lodge by 10:30am and be back in Winnipeg by 2:00pm for flights home later that day.

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2024 Rates

7 days guided fishing DBL $6,595 USD

5 days guided fishing DBL $5,995 USD

4 days guided fishing DBL $5,695 USD

  • YWG - Manitoba
  • June through mid September
  • Northern Pike, Lake Trout…
  • 24 rods guests
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Physicality: Low
  • CC Payment at Facility: Yes
Canada - Manitoba

North Seal River Lodge

Tour Location


The North Seal River Lodge is located on the shore of Egenolf Lake, in Northern Manitoba.


Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, Arctic Greyling


Early June through mid September.


Arrival to and departure from the lodge, takes place on Saturdays. The flight up to the lodge takes place early on Saturday morning, which means that guests will have to arrive in Winnipeg the Friday before the trip starts, ideally by mid to late afternoon. On the way out of Winnipeg on the back end of the trip, flights out of Winnipeg any time after 1 pm will be just fine.


The guest cabins are spacious and equipped with everything that an angler will need to be comfortable when away from home. The cabins each have a screened in porch with chairs, two rod holder racks, full bath, 2 full size beds per room, dresser, nightstand, TV, VCR and or DVD, table and chairs (in four man cabins), couches, coffee table, propane heater, coffee maker, extra pillows, linens and blankets, towels, soap, closets and plenty of hooks and hangers around. All cabins are fully carpeted and have WiFi access to the internet.

The lodge is beautiful, with soaring beams, beautiful wood finishes, a majestic fireplace and spectacular scenic views. Over 4200 sq. ft, its grand interior offers comfortable lounging areas, a pool table, card table, ping pong table, tackle room, complimentary computer, free wi-fi, a complimentary fly table, complimentary DVD library and a rustic Timberwolf bar.


24 rods per week
Canada - Manitoba

North Seal River Lodge

Value for money
Canada - Manitoba

North Seal River Lodge


  • Round trip airfare from Winnipeg International Airport to the lodge
  • Accommodation at the North Seal River Lodge
  • Guided fishing
  • All meals


  • Round trip airfare from your point of origin to Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Overnight in Winnipeg
  • Alcohol
  • Guide and lodge staff gratuities
  • Fishing license


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