Swains Cay Lodge


One of the unique aspects to fishing from Swains Cay Lodge is that it allows guests the opportunity to fish both the South and Middle Bite. I like this program a lot because it gives anglers an excellent overview of the fishing environment during the course of their stay. Anglers going south will go to Lisbon Creek to meet their guides and guests going north will go to Moxie Town to meet their guides/skiffs.

The flats around Mangrove Cay are almost limitless and it would take you 20 trips or more to exhaust all the new water available.  The marl in this part of the Bahamas, particularly in the north section of Mangrove Cay, is fairly white in colour, which allows for very good visibility.  In general, it’s a soft bottom, so keep this in mind if you are interested in wading.  There are some good hard packed sand bottom areas so let your guide know if you are interested in wading when you get in the skiff so that he can then plan his day accordingly. Guests fishing the south part of the Mangrove Cay Bite will generally be fishing from the boat as the wading in this part of Andros is extremely limited.

What you find, both north and south of Mangrove Cay, is an enormous network of flats, creeks, rivers, bays, and mangrove estuaries that combine to create what I feel is the best big bonefish destination in the Bahamas.  The environment is ideally suited to producing very big bonefish.  Guests can anticipate bonefishing in one to three feet of water in most situations, and the majority of the fishing for bones will take place from the skiff.

If the weather cooperates, guests also have the option of making the hour-long skiff run over to the west side of Andros to fish for the day.  This west side area holds an almost mythical place in all bonefish enthusiast’s consciousness, and this area can produce some absolutely huge fish.


Swains Cay Lodge books and uses the top free lance guides on Mangrove Cay so the skiffs you fish from will vary depending on who your guide is that day. All the skiffs have rod holders, clean casting platforms and storage space on board.


There are really two ways to get to Swains Cay Lodge. Guests can fly into the Nassau Bahamas International Airport and then catch a commuter flight over to Mangrove Cay. Many major US, Canadian and European air carriers fly into Nassau daily, so there are plenty of international flight options. If you do fly through Nassau, please be aware that Nassau’s International Airport is divided into two sections: the Domestic Terminal and the International Terminal. They are located in different buildings and you have to go outside the international terminal (where you’ll arrive) to make your connecting Domestic flight. Just remember, you must clear Bahamas Customs with your luggage in Nassau before you make your connection to Mangrove Cay.

Charter flight services can be arranged from south Florida or Nassau, Bahamas. Private planes are also welcome at the Mangrove Cay Airstrip and the asphalt runway can accommodate most private aircraft. Mangrove Cay does not have a Bahamian customs office so charter and private flights will need to land in Congo Town first, before flying up to Mangrove Cay. Upon arrival at Mangrove Cay, you will be met at the airport and driven down to Swains Cay Lodge, which is about a 10-minute drive from the airstrip.

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RATES FOR JULY 2023 TO June 30th, 2024

All fishing packages and services do not include Bahamaian Government VAT of 10%

  • 7 nights 6 days $5,800 USD DBL
  • 6 nights 5 days $4,985 USD DBL
  • 5 nights 4 days $4,225 USD DBL
  • 4 nights 3 days $3,630 USD DBL
  • 3 nights 2 days $2,465 USD DBL

Single Occupancy/Single Guide

  • 7 nights/ 6 days – $9,200 USD SGL
  • 6 nights/ 5 days – $7,875 USD SGL
  • 5 nights/ 4 days – $6,720 USD SGL
  • 4 nights/ 3 days – $5,150 USD SGL
  • 3 nights/ 2 days – $3,795 USD SGL
  • MYAB Mangrove Cay Bahamas
  • Oct 15 to July 30
  • Bonefish, Barracuda, some permit and tarpon
  • 12 anglers per week guests
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Physicality: Low
  • CC Payment at Facility : Yes

Swains Cay Lodge

Tour Location


Swains Cay Lodge is located on the eastern edge of Mangrove Cay. Roughly a 10 minute drive from the Mangrove Cay Airstrip.


Bonefish. Barracuda, Snappers, Jacks, Permit and Tarpon (West Side).


Mid October through June.


Full week packages generally arrive and depart on Saturdays. Shorter stays are common and easily accommodated with advance notice.


There are four separate buildings at Swains Cay Lodge that house guests and where you stay will depend on the size of the group you are with. Each room has A/C, private bath with hot/cold water and either one or two beds. The accommodations are not fancy by any stretch but they are clean and comfortable and come with daily maid service. The walk from any of the rooms to the bar/dining area and beach is no more than 2 minutes and, in some cases, only 15 seconds. Everything on the property is close by. The dining and bar area are right on the beach and just a short walk from the rooms. Outside, there are tables and chairs for après fishing cocktails, along with a ping pong table and an assortment of other games. Inside, to the immediate left, there is a long dining room table that seats up to 20 guests. On the right-hand side is the bar, which has a few comfortable stools where guests can socialize right at the bar.


26 anglers per week.

Swains Cay Lodge

Value for money

Swains Cay Lodge


  • Round-trip airport shuttle service to the lodge
  • Number of specified nights purchased
  • All meals
  • Bottled water in the room
  • Number of specified guide days purchased
  • Round trip transfers from the Mangrove cay Airstrip to the lodge


  • Round trip international airfare to Mangrove Cay, Bahamas
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities for hotel staff and guides
  • Personal expenses at the lodge
  • Fishing equipment


For American, Canadian and EU members, a valid passport good for 6 months AFTER the trip has been completed is required. Please note that the Bahamian Government is very strict about the 6-month stipulation and they’ve been known to turn anglers away who don’t have sufficient time left on their passport.