North Bight – Big Charlies Lodge


The fishing area that the guides at Big Charlie’s have access to on any given day is really quite extraordinary. Each morning guests will head out in their skiff, go under the bridge, and then turn right at the point for the 10-minute run down into the Northern Bite. Once you reach the bite, where your guide takes you that day will depend on factors like wind direction, tides, and time of year that you are there to fish. The big thing here is that there are just so many choices and options. The flats are virtually endless in the North Bite, and it would take you 20 trips or more to exhaust all the new water available. The marl in this part of the Bahamas is fairly white in colour, which allows for very good visibility. In general, it’s a soft bottom, so keep this in mind if you are interested in wading. There are some good hard packed sand bottom areas if wadeing is something you are interested in.

What you find at the North Bite is an enormous network of flats, creeks, rivers, bays, and mangrove estuaries that combine to create what I feel is the best big bonefish destination in the Bahamas. The environment is ideally suited to producing very big bonefish. Guests can anticipate bonefishing in one to three feet of water in most situations, and the majority of the fishing for bones will take place from the skiff. Over the years at Big Charlie’s, there have been so many 10 pound + bonefish landed less than 10 miles from the lodge that the guides don’t really need to travel far to get guests in to fish. The average run once you get in to the North Bite is usually around 15-20 minutes, and often shorter than that. If the weather cooperates, guests also have the option of making the hour-long skiff run over to the west side of Andros to fish for the day. This west side area holds an almost mythical place in all bonefish enthusiast’s consciousness, and this area can produce some absolutely huge fish. Please note that there is a fuel surcharge levied by the lodge for all West Side trips.


A variety of excellent flats Skiffs, each with large, clear casting platforms. The skiffs are professionally equipped with rod holders and poling platforms.


In most cases, guests will be flying in and out internationally through Nassau. When flying through Nassau, please be aware that Nassau’s International Airport is divided into two sections: the Domestic Terminal and the International Terminal. They are located in different buildings and you have to go outside the International terminal (where you’ll arrive) to make your connecting Domestic flight. Don’t worry, the airport staff are used to dealing with the confusion and most any baggage handler or security personal will be happy to point the way. Just remember, you must clear Bahamas Customs with your luggage in Nassau before you make your connection. A waiting taxi will pick you up and take you directly down to the lodge, where you will be met by Fatiha.

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7 nights 6 days $3,870 USD DBL

6 nights 5 days $3,278 USD DBL

5 nights 4 days $2,687 USD DBL

4 nights 3 days $2,096 USD DBL

3 nights 2 days $1,505 USD DBL


7 nights 6 days $5,100 USD SGL VAT of 10% not included

6 nights 5 days $4,300 USD SGL VAT of 10% not included

5 nights 4 days $3,500 USD SGL VAT of 10% not included

4 nights 3 days $2,700 USD SGL VAT of 10% not included

3 nights 2 days $1,900 USD SGL VAT of 10% not included

For West Side Trips please add a $100 USD fuel fee.

  • NAS - Nassau
  • ​November - August
  • Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit…
  • 8 Anglers / week guests
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Physicality: Low
  • CC Payment at Facility : Yes

North Bight – Big Charlies Lodge

Tour Location


Big Charlie’s Lodge is located right on Cargill Creek, in the heart of the Behring Point Settlement. The lodge is on the left-hand side of the creek, about 500 yards up past the bridge.


Bonefish, occasional Tarpon and Permit. Jacks, Barracuda and a variety of Snappers


November through August.


There are no set arrival and departure days at Big Charlies. So long as there is space at the lodge, you can come in on any day during the week. For international commercial flights, guests should fly in to the Nassau International Airport. Once in Nassau, guests will fly to Fresh Creek, Andros Town.


Big Charlies has four bedrooms that are located at the back of the main lodge area. Each room has two beds, good air conditioning and a private bathroom with hot and cold water. Outside the rooms is a large rod rack for guest rods. The heart of the lodge is the dining room and bar area. When you walk in to the lodge, the bar will be on your immediate right and both breakfast and dinner are taken at the long table just in front of the bar. The far side of the mail lodge has comfortable seats and there is a bathroom just down the hall form the bar. There are also a couple of seating areas outside, which are really nice for having a drink and smoking a cigar.


8 anglers per week.

North Bight – Big Charlies Lodge

Value for money

North Bight – Big Charlies Lodge


  • Number of specified nights purchased
  • All meals
  • Bottled water, soft drinks, house wines, beer, most mixed drinks
  • Number of specified guide days purchased
  • All applicable room taxes


  • Round trip international airfare to Andros Bahamas
  • Round trip domestic flights to fresh Creek.
  • Round trip shuttle from the Fresh Creek Airport to the lodge ($50 USD each way)
  • Gratuities for hotel staff and guides
  • Personal expenses at the lodge (telephone calls, etc).


For American, Canadian and EU members, a valid passport good for 6 months AFTER the trip has been completed is required. Please note that the Bahamian Government is very strict about the 6 month stipulation and they’ve been known to turn anglers away who don’t have sufficient time left on their passport.