THE FISHING Because Astove only caters to 6 anglers per week and fresh fish are constantly being cycled in and out with the tides, the lagoon flats don’t get a lot of pressure. G

THE FISHING There are two components to the fishing at Cosmoledo Atoll and they are both exceptional. This is probably the only place in the world where guests can enjoy such super

THE FISHING The Average Day Typically anglers will be up early and after a quick breakfast head out to the flats to fish the first tide. Guests generally stay out on the flats with

THE FISHING The Amirantes has some of the greatest offshore angling that the Seychelles waters has to offer, and the beauty is that all the spots are easily accessible by A’mani.

THE FISHING Over the past few years, the fishing at Farquhar has become synonymous with the term fly fishing paradise. It has provided all those fortunate enough to visit her shore

THE FISHING The fishing program at Alphonse runs like a well oiled machine. Each morning after breakfast, guests will board the Tam Tam Mothership for the ride out to the fishing g