THE FISHING Anglers will wade and float on the majestic Kanektok River, or the smaller Ariolik located nearby at an additional cost. These rivers course their way through coastal f

THE FISHING The Bristol Bay Region has the largest salmon runs in the world and there are ver few places anywhere else on earth where you will find such a wide variety of sport fis

THE FISHING While the highly productive Naknek Rapids are right by the Lodge, the most interesting locations to fish are fly-out ones. Many anglers who journey to Alaska do so to s

THE FISHING The species diversity found within Mission’s fishable waters is nothing short of astonishing! Some of these species are referred to as native Alaska species, which in

THE FISHING Alaska Northern pike wait to ambush their pray while patiently waiting in the back bays and grassy sloughs they call home. Pike are the fastest accelerating fish in the

THE FISHING The Kulik River is the epitome of a rainbow trout stream. Its gin clear water, gravel bottom and plentiful food supply provide an ideal habitat for the large population