Slovenia Split trip

We had a great trip back to Slovenia in June. The trip started out when we flew into Venice Italy (is there a better gateway city to start a trip from?) before driving the 3 hours into Slovenia and the small village of Kobarid. Kobarid is not much in the way of towns but it has some very good restaurants and bars and that’s all you really need when fishing this part of the country.

We fished the lovely Lapena Beat and the part of the Upper Soca, which is one of my favorite pieces of water in Slovenia.

The water color is absolutely beautiful and I really enjoy site casting to specific fish, particularly when those fish are Marble Trout. What I like so much about the Upper Soca is that you can site cast to specific fish in certain areas, in much the same way you can in New Zealand.

We also spent a day fishing in some stunning canyon beat pools, where the river crossed that in to Italy. Just a lovely day and while not very productive, I’ve rarely spent time in a more beautiful environment.

We then took the train from Most Na Noci over to the lovely lake front town of Bled. It’s a beautiful train ride through a series of valleys that cross a variety of rivers. Bled is a favorite of mine because its one of the most lovely towns I have ever seen. It’s hard not to be impressed by the natural scenery that the lake and surrounding mountains offer and the many restaurants and bars in town provide excellent sustenance. And you get to fish my favorite river in this part of Slovenia, the Sava!

I spent two days fishing the Sava River and had a great time, particularly when fishing the challenging Canyon Beat on the Sava. The fish were on and I landed many Rainbows in the 14-20 inch range in my two days there. But, I will always be haunted by the enormous Rainbow Trout I lost at the end of my last day there. The guide estimated it at least 30 inches.!

If you enjoy good food and wine combined with gorgeous scenery, Slovenia is an excellent trout destination.

Richard French

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