After spending close to a month in the Bahamas in March, I was amazed at the difficulties found in getting around the islands, once in country. Lengthy and unexplained delays, lost baggage and indifferent staff were all hallmarks of my domestic flight experiences last month. The local Bahamian airlines that fly to the islands from Nassau have proved to be even more unreliable in 2022 than they have been in the past and guests need to be prepared for this

We have a lot of guests fishing the Bahamas in February and March and what I’m about to say will also be applicable to guests heading to Cuba, Mexico and Belize. I do a lot of hosted trips where bonefish are the priority species for the trip and I’ve been noticing a trend lately where many guests are bringing the right fly patterns for a successful bonefish trip, but that these patterns usually have little variation in terms of size. Now it is true that each of the destinations that we send guests to bonefish at will always have a couple of go to flies that just seem to out produce all oth