After spending close to a month in the Bahamas in March, I was amazed at the difficulties found in getting around the islands, once in country. Lengthy and unexplained delays, lost baggage and indifferent staff were all hallmarks of my domestic flight experiences last month. The local Bahamian airlines that fly to the islands from Nassau have proved to be even more unreliable in 2022 than they have been in the past and guests need to be prepared for this. This situation has definitely been exacerbated by Covid and fewer tourists in the country but one has to wonder about just how unreliable the local Bahamian flights have become? It’s gotten ridiculous.

Fortunately, there are some ways to get around this. For instance, if you are fishing with us in Southern Andros, pretty much the only reliable way in and out is to fly from Fort Lauderdale on Makers Air. The domestic Bahamian flights from Nassau to Congo Town cannot be relied upon and Makers Air out of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is efficient and highly reliable for guests wanting to reach the South Andros fisheries. Flying Makers Air completely eliminates Nassau as a gateway city and reliance upon the domestic carriers to get you down to Congo Town. And this goes for both Middle Cay and our North Andros locations.

Another solid although pricy option, is to book a charter flight out of Nassau for Congo Town. We have an excellent charter service in Nassau that services most outer islands we send anglers to and for groups of 6-8, this is a really good alternative to any of the small Bahamian airlines, if you have to fly in and out of Nassau.

If you can avoid domestic Bahamian flights for the rest of 2022, when fishing the Bahamas, we highly recommend that you do so. Contact our office and we can help.