New Zealand

Poronui Lodge – North Island


What makes dry fly fishing at Poronui Ranch so special is the convenient access to so many of New Zealand’s best quality fishing waters and guides. The property has almost 25 miles of water. The Taharua – a spring creek – meanders down the valley, while the Mohaka River – a tumbling freestone stream – wraps itself around one boundary. The mountains adjacent to Poronui are vast estates of Maori-owned land. We are privileged to travel to much of this wonderful wilderness reserve. Without a doubt, the remoteness of these rivers and streams make them some of the most prized fly fishing waters in the world. The Ranch also hosts a helicopter charter service, flying fishermen quickly and easily into otherwise inaccessible areas. This immediate and flexible access to waters on the Ranch, and nearby, mean you will never fish the same spot twice. The legendary Ngaruroro and Rangitikei Rivers, and many more remote and smaller streams, are only a short and spectacular helicopter flight away.

So, whether your choose to wade in shallow, gentle streams, or tackle the very physical demands of an alpine freestone stream, there is plenty of quality water on the property to suit all tastes and skill levels. Poronui has a team of permanent full-time guides who are considered the consummate professionals in their field. They share an extraordinary knowledge of the country, and collectively have more than a hundred years fishing experience on the area’s waters. The guides know every stream intimately, and ensure angling pressure is constantly monitored to maintain the health and confidence of the trout. Experienced anglers will find the challenges of fishing at Poronui very rewarding. Beginners have the opportunity to learn from the best guides in a truly inspiring environment.

Active Brown trout feeding at Poronui generally occurs during subdued daylight, such as dawn and dusk and at night. Brown trout are usually found in the cool well-oxygenated water of the pristine rivers, under cover such as submerged logs and rocks, undercut banks and overhanging vegetation. They prefer slower moving water than Rainbow trout and they will generally let the food come to them. Brown trout are extremely wary and must be approached quietly and slowly. Rainbow feeding habits are very similar to Browns, although they are generally less likely to take fright than Browns and also seem to like faster moving water.

The helicopters based at Poronui provide easy flights to many of New Zealand’s most famous mountain streams. While legendary rivers like the Ngaruroro and the Rangitikei are just in the next valley, there are many more remote streams that go unnoticed, and unfished, only a short flight away. While it is not necessary to fly by helicopter to experience great fly fishing at Poronui Ranch, a flight into the surrounding mountains is the ultimate exhilarating experience for the dedicated angler. Guests can expect to find idyllic fishing waters, wonderful wild trout and magnificent scenery. Two helicopters are based at Poronui. The pilots have an intimate knowledge of the mountain canyons, gullies and streams. They skillfully deposit guests, guides and equipment into otherwise daunting terrain. Helicopter fly-outs have the advantage of providing our guests with a huge variety of angling opportunities every day of the season. The remote mountain freestone streams offer an opportunity for the classic fly fishing experience and anglers can expect to fish in seclusion and cast to resident wild fish that have rarely seen a dry fly. When fishing conditions get tough in the lower waters (for example, after rains, or early in the season when river levels may be too high) the mountain headwaters are often in pristine condition.

The helicopters get anglers to these superior conditions effortlessly and quickly. Some of these smaller mountain catchments offer very easy walking along grassy banks with shallow wading between quiet pools and runs. Here a big dry fly floated through a riffle will usually induce a dramatic take. Poronui is also justly famous for its hunting. The area was stocked through a gift of the Earl of Bedford in the 1870’s: he sent over herds of Sika Deer and Red Stags. There are also feral goats and Sambar Deer, which are native to the area, and transplanted Elk, Arapaho rams, and Fallow and Rusa Deer. Guided hunting is one-on-one with a guide, and the government imposes a variable fee, a kind of bounty, on trophy animals.

This is one of the finest large trout fisheries on the planet and an absolute must for those who love to sight cast to big Browns.


Access to much of the fishing is by foot or 4WD vehicle: but helicopters may also be chartered, and there are various rafts and dinghies for float trips.


Guests will fly into Auckland or Wellington. Taupo is 30 minutes by air from Auckland or Wellington. From Taupo, the Lodge is only a 40 minute drive.

Slipstream is a full service travel company that can handle international airfare, as well as a host of other services relating to your trip. Please contact us directly at 1 866 644-7703 if you’d like assistance with flights to Auckland or Wellington, domestic flights to Taupo and shuttle service to and from the lodge.


December 1 2023 to March 31, 2024

7 nights 6 days $5,250 USD DBL

Shorter stays are available depending on availability. 

Please contact the office for single angler supplement pricining and availability 


  • CHC - New Zealand
  • November to April
  • Brown Trout
  • 8 anglers per week guests
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Physicality: Low
  • CC Payment at Facility : Yes
New Zealand

Poronui Lodge – North Island

Tour Location


Poronui Station Lodge, in the Taharua Valley, near Taupo, on New Zealand’s North Island. It’s surrounded by National Park and Maori lands, capped with Alpine meadows of the legendary ‘High Country’, and covered in vast beech and fern forests.


Brown and Rainbow Trout, Stags and Elk, Wild Duck, Pheasants, Quail. All of these were transplanted from England in the 1870’s.


Year round. New Zealand’s peak fishing season runs October through April. The game hunting is on private property, and not subject to dates or licensing, though trophy charges apply.


There are no set arrival and departure days at Poronui.


The imposing main building of the lodge has five bedrooms, and it also houses the dining area, sauna, and billiards room. Then there are seven separate double- guest cabins, and the stately Blake House, which accommodates up to 12 guests. At some distance from the Lodge on the Mohaka Rover are three ‘safari tents’ for over-nighting. Meals are award-winning five-star gourmet cuisine.

Rooms are luxurious, and the highly-trained staff exhibit a genuine ‘Kiwi’ warmth. There is an exceptional 10,000 - bottle wine cellar. Other facilities available at Poronui include ‘The Stables’, a converted gym and spa complex: guests may also take part in rafting, archery, horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking. This in an outstanding location for non angling guests in the group who enjoy outdoor activities.


12 anglers per week.
New Zealand

Poronui Lodge – North Island

Value for money
New Zealand

Poronui Lodge – North Island


  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 6 days of guided fishing
  • All Meals
  • All fishing equipment
  • Drinks and bar facilities
  • Same day laundry service


  • International and domestic airfare to and within New Zealand
  • Transfers to and from the Lodge on arrival and departure days
  • Fishing License
  • 15% New Zealand Government Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  • Airport Departure Tax


U.S., Canadian and EU members must have a passport that is valid for 3 months beyond intended stay as well as tickets and documents for return or onward travel. No Visa required for stays of up to three months.