Kobarid and Bled Split Trip


When doing the Slovenian Split Trip, with three days fishing in each of the two locations, we will endeavour to get you in to the most productive and attractive water at both locations in order to maximize the opportunities at each of the two locations.


The wonderful Soca River and its tributaries, form one of the most beautiful valleys in all of central Europe. Known as the “Green Pearl of the Alps”, this watershed offers countless options over more than 150 km of extremely well managed streams. This area is a trout-lovers dream and offers one of the most unique trout fishing trips in the world. The three principal species to be targeted here are Rainbow Trout, Grayling, and the fabled and rare Marble Trout.

The Soca and Idrijca Rivers, and their tributaries have healthy trout populations and these river systems encompass a variety of scenarios that are suitable for the beginner as well as the highly skilled angler. Coming from the Alps and Bovec, the upper Soca will range between 6 -70 yards in width with a varied profile of fast and slow waters. Extremely tight confines highlight the cave section of water from Bovec and Kobarid, where the Soca widens out into a glorious valley. The lower Soca beats, are spectacular and offer a good mix of fast and slow waters, much of which is an extraordinary iridescent blue. The Idrijca River is a major tributary of the Soca and it offers great sport for anglers. It’s easier to fish than the Soca in terms of water speed yet still holds the same varieties of fish as does the Soca. The Idrijca offers 40 km of easy to fish water, set in a beautiful valley. This system offers a great alternative for anglers when conditions are not ideal on the Soca due to thunderstorms, etc.


The principal body of water that anglers will be fishing from is The Sava Bohinjka River. The “Sava” is formed at the outflow from Bohinj Lake where the Jezernica River combines with the Mostnica River to create a clean, pure and fast Alpine river. On its 25-mile meandering journey through as assortment of meadows and glacier formed gorges, the river has a gradient that provides it with the required amount of oxygen to maintain a strong population of very healthy trout. This area has Rainbow Trout and Grayling, with a very limited number of Brown Trout.

Numerous clear cold streams flow into the Sava Bohinjka which help to contribute to the size of the river in its lower section and provide it with vast amounts of food, which in turn support a large number of fish. This lower 17 km long district of the Sava Bohinjka is managed by Fishing Club Bled. The district begins at the hydroelectric power plant in the gorge near the village of Obrne, where after several kilometers of fast flowing through the visually stunning gorge, the river slowly eases its pace as it runs into the valley.


This is a walk and wade fishing trip.


While we can organize this trip to start in either Kobarid or Bled, we feel that the best overall way to do this trip is to start the trip in Kobarid and end the trip in Bled. This entails arriving in Venice Italy and departing through Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana. These two locations are very different from each other in terms of both the fisheries and the locations you base from during the trip. Starting the trip in the sleepy little mountain town of Kobarid and ending in the town of Bled, where there is nightlife and many things to see and do post fishing each day, seems to be universally preferred by our guests as opposed to the other way around. If guests choose to start in Bled and end in Kobarid, this would entail flying in to start the trip through Ljubljana and flying out at the end of the trip through Venice.


8 nights 6 days   $4,700 USD DBL

  • VCE - Slovenia
  • March to October
  • Marble Trout, Rainbow Trout…
  • 12 Anglers / week guests
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Language: English/Slovenian
  • Physicality: Low
  • CC Payment at Facility : Yes

Kobarid and Bled Split Trip

Tour Location


Kobarid and Bled, Slovenia


Marble Trout, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, very limited Brown Trout.


March through late October


A Saturday arrival with a departure the following Sunday is the best way to book this trp. However, with enough lead time, we can book guests in at their convenience. With the Saturday to the following Sunday format, Wednesday is the travel day between Kobarid and Bled. Guest can sleep in on Wednesday morning and the transfer over from one location to the next takes a couple of hours. We handle all of the logistics of the location transfer.


The hotel is located right in the heart of central Kobarid and is family owned and operated. The 31 rooms are large and have plenty of space. Each room comes with private bath and satellite TV. The restaurant is renowned for its seafood, with a 30-year tradition of providing both seafood and freshwater fish dishes. Guests can expect to dine on trout roll in fennel sauce, crawfish with polenta, shellfish Dalmatian style, salt-covered bass, haddock, turbot with baked potatoes, forest berries, etc. Mediterranean culinary specialties are served with a wide selection of excellent wines.


When fishing Bled, we almost exclusively use The Grand Hotel Toplice, which is by far our favorite hotel in town. The Grand Toplice is a classic, fully renovated 5-star hotel located on the beautiful shore of Lake Bled. Built in 1931 by a Slovenian woman and her wealthy Austrian husband, this was once the most glamorous hotel in the country and one of the most desirable destinations for the rich and famous. Without question, the hotel enjoys the most enviable location of any hotel in and around Lake Bled. The Grand Toplice sits right on the waterfront looking out toward Bled Castle and the beautiful surrounding greenery.

The hotel’s bar and sitting area overlooking Lake Bled are about as good as it gets! The hotel also has its own private spa with treatment rooms and a modest indoor spring water swimming pool, the spring water from which is supposed to have miraculous healing properties. As well, the hotel offers free boat and bicycle use and has its own private jetty and beach area for exclusive use by hotel guests.


12 anglers per week

Kobarid and Bled Split Trip

Value for money

Kobarid and Bled Split Trip


  • Round trip transfers from the Venice Airport and the international airport in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 4 nights accommodation in a double room in Kobarid
  • 4 nights accommodation in Bled
  • Breakfast each morning
  • Dinner each night at the Hotel Hvala
  • Mid week transfers between Kobarid and Bled
  • 6 days of guided fishing. Three days from Kobarid and three days from Bled
  • Round trip transfers from the Ljubljana International Airport


  • Lunches each day when fishing.
  • Dinners while in Bled
  • Drinks and Alcohol
  • Gratuities to guides and hotel staff in both locations
  • Daily fishing license (this must be paid in Euros and the cost is dependent on river location)


U.S. and Canadian may enter Slovenia with a valid passport for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. The passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. Passports are not required by EU nationals with a valid national ID.