The Bull Run (Encierro) The Pamplona bull run takes place at 8am every morning from 7th to 14th July. Runners must be in the running area by 7:30am. The actual run stretches from t

THE FISHING This unique multi destination trip allows guests the opportunity to enjoy the very best angling options and environments found within the Pyrenees Mountains. We’ve in

LA RIOJA Sitting about an hour south of the Pyrenees Mountains, in the north-west part of Spain, the magnificent La Rioja wine region is one of Spain’s true jewels. This wonderfu

THE FISHING The southern face of the Pyrenean range, which is our primary area of interest when fly-fishing the Aren area, it has a very favourable climate, particularly during the

THE FISHING There are two critical components to the fishing program that combine to make this a truly special angling experience. First is the location of the lodge, situated on t