Packing For A Helicopter Fishing Day In New Zealand Part 2

It is possible that the weather can change to the point where the pilot can’t come in to pick you up at the end of the day.  While we’ve never had this happen with guests, you really need to be prepared for this possibility, just in case.   

Having these items at the bottom of your day pack, where they will most likely stay, is nothing more than being smart.  Mountains and valleys all have micro climates where in the space of less than a mile, one location can be clear and sunny, and yet half a mile away it can be pouring rain with thick overcast skies.  We just want guests to be safe and comfortable.   

  •  A quality raincoat must be in your day pack, regardless of how sunny and clear it may look at the beginning of the day.
  • Proper footwear with ankle support is vital.  Your Simms or Patagonia wading boots will be fine.
  • A light fleece or warm sweatshirt, for added warmth in case it rains a lot during the day.
  • A change of socks.
  • A wool hat (this may seem crazy, but it’s just smart.  I take a wool hat on every trout trip I do).
  • A couple of power bars, and or trail mix.
  • Medicine if required (EpiPen, etc.)
  •  An extra bottle of water.