january 12th to 19th, 2025

$8,100 USD

Without question my favorite trip of the year and usually half filled with repeat guests who have done this trip multiple times. This week is dedicated to sight fishing for big Brown Trout in one of the most pristine environments on earth. Guests will spend 3 days doing heli fly outs to the back country while the other three days are spent driving to local rivers with their guide. All fishing is fully guided and each guest on this trip gets their own room for the week.  

This is a great week for those looking to site cast to their fish for the majority of the week and the week has been selected to coincide with the peak summer Cicada Hatch. The week is principally dedicated to dry fly fishing. Each angler on this trip will have their own private room for the week, while sharing a guide with another guest on the trip.  

For complete information on this trip, please contact the office toll free at 866-644-7703 or via email at