Cayo Romano Cuba – May 2024

May 25th to JUNE 1, 2024

$6,790 USD + $350 USD for a private room for the week

We currently have three slots available for Single Anglers

If you love fly fishing the salt and still have not fished Cayo Romano, it is an absolute must experience fishery. The species diversity is as good as anywhere I know of in the Caribbean, particularly since the explosion of the snook population at Romano over the past few years. The quality of the bonefishing is very high and it’s a good mix of tailing fish, cruisers, singles, doubles and larger schools. The permit fishing is Top 3 in the Western Hemisphere, with a good variety of angling situations to fish them. Guests will find them on the backs of rays in 3-5 feet of water (Punta del Este) as well as finding tailing fish in 1-3 feet of crystal-clear water. The tarpon fishing can be hit or miss at Romano and you just never know. That said, I selected this beautiful new moon phase week towards the end of May specifically to maximize our guests angling opportunities to encounter them.

Another really excellent aspect to this fishery is that it’s a nice mix of wading and fishing from the boat. I like to wade, especially when bonefishing, and Cayo Romano has numerous areas throughout the fishery where guests can get out of the skiff to wade for an hour or two. Most of the fly fishing, while wading, is for bonefish, but you just never know what might show up at Romano when out of the skiff. My largest permit landed (27 pounds) was caught while I was wading for bonefish at Media Espunja.

Guests will have their own private room for the week while sharing a skiff for the six days of fishing with another angler. I’m on site for the week hosting the trip to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that guests are well looked after.

For complete information on this trip, please contact the office toll free at 866-644-7703 or via email at