Mexico July 28 to August 4 – Mexico Live Aboard

Wow! What a great experience the new live aboard operation in Mexico is. We chose to do a dedicated tarpon trip and moored the boat in the Holbox area, to the north and west of Cancun. We spent most of the trip dodging lightning bolts, thunderstorms and rain squalls but other than that it was spectacular. The poor weather forced us to move from targeting the big migratory tarpon that pass through the area each summer, to the big mangrove estuary that is situated between the island of Holbx and the mainland.

The yacht was excellent in every facet and I don’t think I’ve ever stayed on a nice live board anywhere.

The dining and bar area were very comfortable and the boat has all the conveniences of home. From a big flat screen TV to 5 comfortable bedrooms (soon to be 6) that each have their own private bathroom. The chef and her assistant were excellent and we ate and drank like kings throughout the trip. On a couple of nights when the yacht was moored near the town of Holbox, guests went in to town by boat to hit a couple of bars and to check out the local nightlife. Having the ability to change moorings every couple of days was a real plus and it allowed us the ability to stay close to town and then further away in more isolated areas.

The yacht can fish several different parts of Mexico so you can tailor your species priorities to where the boat can go. My next trip out I’m going to take guests to the remote Elacran Atoll for a week of bonefishing, permit and reef species. I love this experience and can’t wait to do it again.

Richard French

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