Fall 2022

Greetings and salutations to all our friends!

If you are like me, you are wondering where the summer went and how it could have possibly gone by so fast? I feel like I blinked and it was over and I can’t ever recall a summer that went by so quickly. I think that may be a symptom of a post covid hangover where time has taken on a surreal quality that I am still having trouble processing.  

I am writing this from Ireland, where we have a group of 10 anglers arriving this afternoon. The fall trout and salmon season is in high gear here and the rains of the past several days have been most welcome after one of the driest summers on record in Europe.  Our fishing program starts tomorrow and I’ll have a full report in next months newsletter. 

The global travel outlook has gotten so much better over the last few months and while there are delays and long lines at some airports, the fact that testing requirements have been largely done away with by most countries, is fantastic news. When I think about where we were just six months ago, it’s like night and day. More flights are being added daily, more staff have been hired at the majority of international airports and no more testing!!! All very positive news for us traveling anglers. 

Now that we are into mid September, many of our guests are thinking about fall and winter trips and we are eager to help. If you’d like some fresh ideas, please drop me an email and I’ll be delighted to help in any way that I can. 


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Few destinations bring me joy the way the Bahamas does. The county just has so many positive attributes that combine to make it a strong angling experience, regardless of where in the country you are fishing.  The warm and friendly people who work in the fishing tourism industry are so welcoming and the “water culture” anglers get to experience keeps us all coming back year after year. An ice-cold Kalik and some warm conch fitters at the end of the fishing day is pure magic. The outer islands are remote and isolated and many of the fishing destinations on these islands require a week to fish them. But, other islands, like GBI and most of Andros, are easy to get to and can be fished if you only have three or four days. Everyone speaks English so language barriers are never an issue. The Bahamas is bonefish country and not really a good fit if you are looking for other flats species like permit and tarpon. These fish are there but not in the kinds of numbers where you can consistently fish for them. What the Bahamas does have are lots of big bonefish and more shallow water tidal flats than any other country on earth. From rustic out of the way fish camps to luxury lodges with all the amenities, the Bahamas has a location for everyone.

Please email us at info@slipstreamngling.com for more information on either of these weeks. 

Tarpon Reserve, Costa Rica

Oct 29-Nov 6 - 4 rods

Nov 12-20 - 4 rods

$4,900 USD DBL

Our friend Tom Enderlin, who runs the Tarpon Reserve in Costa Rica has just emailed me saying that he has some unexpected space available in late October and into November of this year. I like this operation a lot because it offers good opportunities at big tarpon during a time in the year when the more traditional big tarpon fisheries like the Keys, Cuba, and Mexico, don’t have big fish.

This is a very low-impact operation that only accommodates four anglers per week, and runs from the beginning of August to December each year. This fishery consists of a vast system of freshwater rivers, creeks, and flooded lagoons surrounded by rain forest and marshlands. These tarpon have journeyed from the Caribbean some 300 + inland miles to reach these feeding grounds. At the time of the tarpon’s arrival, seasonal rains flood the immense lagoons to create an inland sea surrounded by volcanoes and rife with other primeval creatures like tropical garfish, sawfish, and freshwater bull sharks.

Anglers fish from simple but efficient river pangas, with 2 anglers per boat taking turns on the bow. Since the environment is quite diverse, fishing situations are also varied, ranging from sight casting to feeding tarpon or walking in shallow lagoons and creeks, waiting for tarpon to roll or break bait on the surface before presenting a fly, and blind casting in likely areas. There are even times when tarpon congregate at the mouth of one of the jungle’s many creeks, and line up in feeding lanes like giant trout.

During a normal day, anglers can expect good numbers of shots at fish ranging from 60 to well over 150 pounds, and these tarpon within the Tarpon Reserve are actively feeding fish, with very little exposure to fishing pressure. The new accommodations are awesome and each angler will have their own room, while sharing a skiff for the week. Single skiff pricing is also available.

Please email us at info@slipstreamngling.com for more information on either of these weeks. 

Argentina - Combination Trip

In terms of diversity of species and unique fishing environments, Argentina has to be at or near the top of the list when it comes to a quality freshwater angling experience. To start, the country is quite large and it covers a wide array of geographical environments and conditions. From vast marshlands in the northeast to the glorious Patagonian trout meccas in the mountainous western middle section of the country, to the wind-swept moon-like conditions found down in southern Tiera Del Fuego, Argentina has it all. 

And even though it’s a big country, the transportation network in Argentina is very good and this allows us to do one of our favorite things when visiting the country; fishing two or more different areas of the Argentina, all in one trip. One of our more popular Argentina combo trips is pairing the fantastic Pira Lodge and it’s quality Golden Dorado fishing with one of our trout lodges down in Patagonia. This is a really strong experience that allows anglers to experience two completely different geographical settings and fisheries.  

Guests who prefer to focus on chasing trout can unitize two or three different excellent trout lodges in one trip, taking advantage of each lodge’s location and unique fishing characteristics. We can also tailor a trip to Argentina that utilizes the world-class Sea-run Brown Trout fisheries found down in Tierra del Fuego, as part of any fishing trip to Argentina. The key here is the unparalleled flexibility that the country offers traveling anglers who want to experience more than one fishery during their trip.

Please email us at info@slipstreamangling.com to discuss options. 


Paul Evans with a nice Slovenian Brown Trout, landed on Sept 10, 2022. 

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