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110 Volts. European guests will need a power adaptor for electric devices such as laptops, battery chargers, etc



Time Zone

Because of its size, the United Sates has 9 time zones but for our purposes, only 5 are relevant. Eastern time zone(GMT -5), Central time zone (GMT-6), Mountain time zone (GMT-7) Pacific time zone (GMT -8) the Alaska tome zone (GMT -9) and the Hawaii Aleutian time zone (GMT -10)

Country Information

Fishing in the United States has long been a favorite destination of ours and we have fished American waters from north to south, east to west, looking for the best operations and locations. Over the years, we’ve found some wonderfully distinct American fishing opportunities and we’re eager to share these with our guests from all over the world.

The Western United States in particular is always a great experience and we highly recommend this region whenever we can. Montana, Wyoming and Oregon conjure up visions of majestic mountains, the Old West and large healthy populations of Brown and Rainbow Trout.

Our Montana and Wyoming lodges are as varied as the two states geography and we feel that we have a lodge setting for just about every possible need. Both Montana and Wyoming are throw back states where time moves at a different pace than it does elsewhere. For trout lovers who love to fish in a beautiful setting, Wyoming and Montana have to be experienced!

Similar to Canada, the summer months in the US are the most popular time of year to fish, particularly Alaska, which has such a limited window of angling opportunity. Alaska defines the Great Outdoors and will thrill the most seasoned fisherman, making this state an absolute must, at the very least once, for anglers looking for that trip of a lifetime.

We have the states thoroughly covered, from rustic tent camps to high end fly out lodges. We also have an excellent live aboard that can accommodate 6 guests per week for one of the most unique fishing and dining experiences we know of.

During the fall months of September and October we turn our attention to the East Coast and the Stripped Bass fishery off of Montauk. Slip Stream has an excellent working relationship with 5 of the best Montauk guides working and can book guests into either a hotel or private residence for the fall Stripper season.

And don’t forget about our fall Montana/Montauk combo trip which offers two fabulous locations and fisheries in one trip. Our familiarity with fishing the US has allowed us to create one of the best American fishing trips available. This trip is a 10 day split trip between Montana and Montauk, New York. At the start of the trip we bring guests to Montana where they fish the world famous Missouri River for 5 nights and 4 days, targeting rainbow and brown trout. We then bring guests to the other side of the country to Montauk to fish the fall stripper blitz. This trip is very popular because it allows our guests to fish two very distinct and productive fisheries all in one

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