Currencies will vary depending on country of arrival. Slip Stream Angling will keep you informed as to which currencies and in what denomination.


Most of the Vessels have 120 volt.


Dependant upon country of visit

Time Zone

Dependant upon country of visit

Country Information

A chalk stream is a spring-fed river whose flow derives from the previous winter’s rainfall, which soaks into the chalk downland and is filtered through a solid layer of highly alkaline calcium carbonate before being stored in subterranean aquifers, sometimes for many years. It’s a kind of exaggerated limestone spring creek, if you will. As a result of the unusual geology, these streams support flora and fauna that are not found anywhere else, which your guide will be happy to point out to you. The chalk itself derives from the cretaceous period, around 70 million years ago, when this part of the world was under water, and was actually formed by countless small shellfish falling to the sea floor and being compressed, over time, into solid calcium carbonate or chalk – the exact stuff they used to use to write on the black board in schools!

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