The Single Anglers Club

The Perfect Gift Every Time – A Slipstream Fishing Vacation

Many of us find ourselves in a situation where for various reasons, we find that we do not have anyone to travel with, therefore many people miss out as they believe there is no alternative. To help clients in this situation we started our “Single Anglers Club” This all began with several clients calling the office as they wished to travel and fish somewhere exciting but had no one to go with. Many guests are reluctant to pay the added expense of the single angler supplement, that just about all lodges and operations charge for a single angler to fish. These single angler supplements are often quite costly and even if a guest does not mind the added cost, quite a few anglers simply don’t want to spend the full day by themselves fishing.

If you are a single angler who wants a trip but has no one to go with, we have a couple of dedicated weeks per year where we slide singles in to a preexisting group, where guests won’t have to pay the often expensive single angler supplement.

So long as you don’t mind sharing a room (single rooms can sometimes be arranged) and skiff with another guest, our single angler weeks allow guests to join a group, where they can enjoy themselves, make new friendships and enjoy the worlds best angling destinations.



MANGROVE CAY CLUB MIDDLE BITE, ANDROS BAHAMAS – This is a very high-end lodge that I would rate as one of the top bonefish operations in all the Caribbean. The facilities at Mangrove Cay Club are first rate, with excellent meals and a lively après fishing bar. Simply put, it’s a superb fishing lodge that delivers on every level.

It’s location on Andros’s Middle Bite offers bonefish enthusiasts a vast array of pristine tidal flats that are lightly fished. The incredible number of creeks, flats, estuaries and mangrove forest ensures that no matter which way the wind is blowing, there is always cover. The opportunity for targeting big fish is an almost daily occurrence and during the spring and summer months it’s not uncommon to run into a permit or tarpon.

Contact the office at, or toll free at 866 644-7703 for more information on this excellent week.

  • 2 slot available to single anglers.

$6,200 USD +12% VAT per angler

SLOVENIA TROUT AND GASTRONOMIC EXTRAVAGANZA – We have a couple of angling slots available for this terrific hosted trip to the stunning country of Slovenia, in the fall of 2022. The two angling slots available have been set up where each guest will have their own room for the duration of the trip, while sharing a guide with another angler in the party. The price of the private room is included in the cost of this trip I’ve designed this trip to follow the same itinerary and locations as those featured in the Garden and Gun article on fly fishing Slovenia, that I hosted in September of 2019.

This is a superb trip that has been put together to highlight the very best of trout fishing in this picturesque and little-known mountain-oriented nation. Guests will spend four days in northwestern Slovenia, fishing for Rainbow and Marble Trout, before moving east to the lovely lakeside town of Bled, where we will fish for 3 days of Rainbow Trout and Grayling.

Contact the office at, or toll free at 866 644-7703 for more information on this excellent week.

  • 2 slot available to single anglers.

$5,285 USD per angler