Iceland's currency is the krona (plural kronur ISK). You'll receive approximately 114 ISK on each US dollar converted. Of late there has been a huge devaluation of the krona to the US dollar, making Iceland more affordable than ever. Although you may find a few places that accept US dollars, especially in the Reykjavik area, you should carry and use Icelandic money. You can exchange money easily at the airport, bank and currency exchanges. Plastic also reigns in Iceland and it is possible to pay for virtually anything with a credit card except the public buses. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted; American Express and Diner's Card less so. Bank machines are easy to find.


Icelandic electrical standards are European (50Hz, 220 volts) so many North American electrical devices will require converters and all will require plug adapters.


Most Icelanders (especially the younger generations) speak fluent English and many speak several other languages, including Danish, German or Spanish.

Time Zone

Iceland is in the Western European Time Zone. Western European Standard Time (WET) is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-0)

Country Information

Iceland is not only closer than you think, but far different than you ever imagined. Where else can you witness such marvels of Mother Nature as a tremendous icecap and several glaciers, spouting geysers and steaming solfataras, volcanoes (hopefully dormant), raging rivers and magnificent waterfalls, a multitude of birds, cavorting whales just offshore and many other surprises. Summers are surprisingly warm and winters not as cold as you might expect. Regardless of when you visit, be assured that the warmth shown by Icelanders, their desire to share their culture and the efforts made to make your stay as pleasant as possible will, like the spectacular landscape, never be forgotten.

The geological make up of Iceland is such that the country has been labeled as the “Land of Fire and Ice”. These two powerful forces are responsible for the creation of the Icelandic landscape and its features. Iceland was formed by volcanic activity, which in turn has been sculpted by millions of years of ice erosion. There are over 100 volcanoes on the island with more than 25 that have been active in recent years, making Iceland one of the most active volcanic regions on earth.

Slipstream Anglers has a strong relationship with sister company Lax Ehf. Lax is an Icelandic eco-investment company, either owning outright or holding the long term fishing leases on several of Iceland’s finest Salmon, Sea-Trout and Trout rivers. As a result of this partnership, Slipstream clients have access to the prime Icelandic availability on Grimsa, Laxa in Kjos, Svalbardsa, Vesturdalsa, Gljufera and the legendary Nes ansd Arnes beats on Laxa in Adaldal.

As of the 2009 fishing season, Lax will also hold the leases on the prolific Langa in the south west and the dramatic Hafralonsa in the Icelandic north east. Slipstream also has access to prime weeks and months on Iceland’s other premier fly fishing rivers including Hofsa, Sela, Laxa in Dolum, Nordura, Laxa in Leirarsveit and Hrutafjardara.

Due to the ease of access from Europe, the UK and east coast USA, Iceland is the most viable and convenient short-stay fishery of the world’s great Atlantic Salmon fly fishing destinations. Although set in a genuine postglacial valley wilderness, guests can be fishing Langa the same day they leave their home country, arriving home having fished the morning of their day of departure.

Perhaps our favorite destination to fish in Iceland is Lax I Kjos. The Laxa in Kjos is the centerpiece of one of the most stunning glacially forged valleys in southern Iceland. A narrow upper canyon spreads into a gentle, peaceful, arable valley before cascading down the final falls and pools into the sea. Part of what makes this location so attractive to fish, aside from its stunning natural beauty, is that this exceptional river and its beautiful tributary can be reached within an hours drive from Reykjavik.

Besides being a first class salmon river, it also has a very substantial run of good sized Sea Trout, some edging into the 8 to 10 pound class and it goes without saying that the Sea Trout add another exciting element to these intimate and exhilarating rivers. Iceland is not at all what you’d expect and without question, this is one of the most beautiful and surprising countries we’ve ever fished.

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