The Grimsa is one of Iceland’s most beautiful fly fishing rivers and is one of a few Icelandic rivers that has tradition stamped all over it. It was frequented by British lords and generals as early as the late nineteenth century and whilst, as with most of Iceland’s rivers today, it is primarily a grilse river, during those early days the Grimsa was famous for its monsters. Every now and then, the odd monster is still spotted giving vivid memory of the golden days of yesteryear.

As on many Icelandic rivers, floating lines, small fly patterns and hitched tubes are excellent. The river is also easily fished with single handed rods, although given that Iceland is often windy, a double handed rod should be available as well. The river is fly only water with a voluntary, and widely practiced catch and release system. During any given season, a normal catch on the eight daily rods is somewhere between 1200 to 1800 fish. The Grimsa also has a substantial run of sea trout that starts often in early July. There are sea trout periods on the lower beats available during spring and fall/autum, following the salmon fishing season. Known salmon pools on the beats are not included though.

The fishing day at Grimsa is split into two six hour or four three hour sessions depending on conditions, the morning session from 7 am – 1 pm and the afternoon session from 4 – 10 pm. New fishers always start their fishing trip in the afternoon session as is Icelandic tradition, as also generally suits the international air schedules, and finish after the am session on the final day. Having been welcomed to the Grimsa lodge and shown the facilities, fishers are invited to draw for the beats on which they will commence fishing that afternoon. The fishers then rotate through the beats changing beat either once or twice each session (i.e. fishing two or four beats per day.) Having drawn beats, rods are introduced to their guides and a tackle and tactics discussion commences before heading out fishing for the afternoon session. Prior to going out on the river, the Grimsa guides will also ask rods whether they would like coffee or tea or cold drinks whilst out fishing and will generally take a selection of biscuits or sandwiches (if guests prefer) to the river also.


New all terrain vehicles transport guests to the fishing areas. All fishing is done on foot.


Having passed through customs you will be met by our transfer driver who will take you either to Reykjavik to overnight (approximately 40 minutes) or else directly to the lodge at Grimsa (approximately 1 hour 40 minutes.) There are many taxi drivers available at the airport but they prove far more expensive than pre-booking transfers with us when you book your fishing trip.

Slipstream is a full service travel company that can handle a variety of services relating to your trip. For assistance, please contact us directly at 1 866 644-7703.

Please be aware that you will not be allowed to pass through airport security with your waders and fishing tackle unless you have a veterinary letter confirming that your equipment has been sterilized or else agree to have your equipment sterilized at the airport which is both time consuming and expensive by comparison.


Cost per day will vary at Grimsa depending on specific week and month during the season.

Between ISK 110,000 and 260,000 per day.

Because of the fluctuation of the Icelandic Kroner, guests will be invoiced for the deposit at time of the trip purchase in USD at the daily Kroner rate and again when the balance on the trip is due.

Please contact the office for specific pricing and availability.

  • KEF - Iceland
  • June 10 to Sept 18
  • Altantic Salmon, Brown Trout…
  • 10 anglers guests
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Physicality: Low
  • CC Payment at Facility : Yes


Tour Location


In Iceland, about 90 minutes north-east of Reykjavik, somewhat inland, the Grimsa River, also fondly known as ‘The Queen’, is a medium-sized river in the Borgafjorthur District.


Altantic Salmon and Brown Trout.


June 10 to Sept 18.


There are no set arrival and departure days. Guests are free to book on a first come- first serve, space available basis.


The Grimsa lodge was built on the drawings of famous fly fishing architect Ernest Schwiebert, who fished the Grimsa for years. Some claim that the lodge is something you need to see at least once in a lifetime. It is a huge building on the cliff overlooking the Laxfoss and you either love it or hate it. Whichever team you join, it is impeccably spacious and comfortable and managed by one of Iceland’s leading chefs, which will leave you weighing up which was better, the fishing or the food, at the end of your stay.


Angling capacity is 10 anglers, depending on the time of year.



Value for money



  • Accommodation for specified days
  • All Meals
  • Fishing with shared guide


  • International airfares
  • Transfers to and from the lodge
  • Icelandic Fishing Card [5000 ISK]
  • Gear and flies
  • Incidentals
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities to staff and guides
  • Laundry service


All visitors to Iceland require a passport valid for at least three months beyond their intended stay. American, Canadian, British and Australian citizens do not require visas and can stay in the country for up to three months and this stay can easily be extended by visiting the local police station or contact the Directorate of Immigration.