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International Airport

SYD - Sydney


March to December


12 anglers per week


GT’s, Dog Tooth Tuna, Wahoo…


On the Great Barrier Reef, off the north coast of Queensland

Spin - GT’s, Dog Tooth Tuna, Wahoo, Black Marlin, Yellowfin, Coral Trout, Wrasse, Emperors

March to December. The mothership moves 1,500 miles up and down the reef/coast and is based in specific locations during specific months to maximize the fishing conditions during the fishing season. The itinerary for the following year is set well in advance so we know precisely where the mothership is going to, up to 18 months in advance. Please contact our office for the specifics of what your species priorities are and when you were hoping to travel so that we can ensure that your time and species priorities are in line with where the mothership will be situated on the reef.

There are no set arrival and departure days, however, the operation does try to keep the turnaround days as close to the weekends as is possible.

The Odyssey is an 80 foot, state of the art Catamaran Mothership that was designed and built specifically to serve anglers fishing the Great Barrier Reef. Like all mothership operations, space on board is at a premium, however, the layout has really been well thought out on the Odyssey and guests don’t get that cramped feeling when on board. The rooms are a series of private cabin and bunk rooms, there is a lounge, bar and dining area on board that acts as a hub of activity and discussion when not out fishing. Equipped with satellite service that allows for email, fax and phone calls, even though the Odyssey is plying some of the most remote waters on the planet, guests are never out of touch, unless they want to be!

12 anglers per week

Coral Sea Lagoon Explorer Bugatti outer and inner Reef bar none, this area represents the best GT fishing on the planet. These isolated and remote reef systems are only fished for 3-4 weeks per year, which guarantees that the fish have rarely if ever seen a lure. Enormous fish up to 50 kilos are regularly caught at these two reefs, with many fish in the 20-25 kilo range. The Bugatti Reef area is vast and stretches over 200 nautical miles in length, and about 60 nautical miles wide, so it’s a big place, and covers a lot of reef that has never even been named or charted.

The reason the fishing stays consistently excellent at this area is because of the massive area of reef available to fish. This area is truly huge and it means that each individual area of reef might only get fished for 1-2 weeks per year, with many months between visits, this directly translates into sustainable quality fishing, year round. The reef structure forms a massive amount of rivers running through the reef system. These rivers and channels are very narrow and funnel the current through the reef passes. The whirlpools, eddies and currents experienced in these areas are spectacular, and 10-12kn current flows are common on the big tides.

We believe the main reason that this section of reef remains uncharted is due to the massive tidal flows and the immense, intricate area of reef. These strong tidal currents bring in an enormous amount of bait, which in turn attracts the top line predators. This reef area is a sportfishing paradise, with not only the world’s best GT action, but stellar all round spin and jig fishing as well. It is one of the most wild, visually stunning places on earth and it just happens to hold some of the finest sportfishing available anywhere. Other excellent species options at Bugatti are, spanish mackerel, tuna, red bass, coral trout as well as a host of other species. For spin fishing enthusiasts, this locations represents the pinnacle of the sport. Optimal time frame for Bugatti is March through July.

Special Extended Trips Fredericks Reef and Elusive Reef For those interested in targeting a wide variety of species, with more of an emphasis on Pelagics, guests should be considering the 9 day combination trip to Elusive and Fredericks Reef. Because of the spectacular diversity of species available and some of the most beautiful vistas that the Great Barrier Reef has to offer, this is a trip that the guides and crew of the Odyssey are always eager to return to. The schedule varies year to year so guests may start out at either Elusive or Fredericks, with the one consistent being that guests will fly out to the mothership by seaplane, regardless of which reef is the starting point for the trip.

Elusive offers all the variety and quality GT fishing that Bugatti offers and there are few places besides Bugatti that can match it. GT’s, coral trout, huge muori wrasse, emperors, and red bass are main species at Elusive, with numerous other species surprises likely.

Due east of Elusive and an overnight steam on board the Odyssey, lies the remote and incredibly productive Fredericks Reef. This reef system and its surrounding waters offer up some of the finest blue water fishing imaginable. Black marlin, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, dog tooth tuna are all available from this location. The true highlight to this destination is the quality of wahoo fishing found at Fredericks. This location is a spawning ground for wahoo and there is nowhere else that we know that offers better fishing for this incredible game fish. Optimal time frame for Fredericks/Elusive is July through December.

Two 18 foot center consoles Ocean Whalers powered by 90 HP four stroke engines, two 25 foot center consoles powered by 300 HP four stroke engines, a 36 foot custom built fly bridge designed Sport fisher.

All international guests will first fly into Sydney,then up the north coast to Cairns and down to Hamilton Island. From Hamilton island, guests will fly on board a seaplane out to the mothership, based on the Great Barrier Reef. The flight out to the Odyssey takes about an hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes depending on the destination. Please contact our office for the specifics of your domestic travel requirements for your trip, once the trip is booked.

Slipstream is a full service travel company that can handle a variety of services relating to your trip. For assistance, please contact us directly at 1 866 644-7703.



U.S., Canadian and EU members must have a passport valid for 3 Months beyond intended stay, along with tickets and documents for return or onward travel. A visa or Electronic Travel Authority is also required. If you are travelling to Australia - Please Click Here - for more info on the ETA program.

$7,200.00 - $8,100.00 USD per week