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International Airport

EZE - Argentina


November through May


4-8 Anglers


Rainbow / Brown Trout

Beside the Chimehuin river, approximately a 20 minute drive from San Martin de Los Andes airport, in the Patagonia region of Argentina.

Rainbow and Brown Trout


November through May

There are no set arrival and departure dates. So long as there’s space, guests may arrival and depart at their convenience.

This beautiful, one of a kind lodge, holds fantastic, panoramic views over the Chimehuin River. The first floor features a very comfortable master suite with a double bathroom, dressing room, fireplace and a large terrace. Also located on the main floor is a full secondary suite. At the foot of the stairs, you will find a third room used as a study and rest area. A bright and spacious living room is connected to the elegant dining hall. Both, the dining hall and the reading rooms, have a verandah to the garden. A lobby and reception area is also part of the house as well. The kitchen with its own dining space and toilette are located on the main floor. The second floor is where guests enjoy congregating in the game room, or relax watching television.

4 - 8 anglers


Tipiuluke Differs from some of the other lodges in the area in that the angling program places a great deal of emphasis and priority on walk and wade fishing. The lodge is beautifully positioned with a large portion of the estancia property fronting the Chimihuin River. Tipiluike Lodge has exclusive walk and wade access to almost 20 kilometers of fishing. This private wade access water is broken down in to numerous beats or stretches of the river that guests will rotate through during the course of their fishing stay. There is also the option to float this part of the Chimihuin River but priority is always given to wade fishing. Both Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout are plentiful and fish over 25 inches are caught every week during the season.

Within the private walk and wade stretches of the Chimihuin River that the lodge controls, there are some excellent braided sections of the river that hold large Brown Trout and the odd Rainbow Trout. Most of the fishing in the Chimihuin’s braids and channels is dry fly.

Tipiliuki Lodge is really well located between Hunin de los Andes and San Martin, which means that guests can also access a variety of quality rivers that are all less than an hour from the lodge.

Aside from the numerous excellent locations that can easily be accessed when staying at Tipiliuke Lodge, the facility also has a truly unique fishing experience in the form of a man made Spring Creek that runs through the property. This engineering marvel is 2.5 kilometers in length and makes for a great day of dry fly fishing. It is a fairly technical creek and is not well suited to beginners but it does hold a good number of fish in the 16-20 inch category.

A typical day fishing day consists of a morning walk and wade session of fly fishing that will run from around 9:30 am until about 1:30-2 pm. The morning session is followed by a lunch back at the lodge. Many anglers chose to rest for an hour or so before the late afternoon/early evening fishing session takes place. Guests will generally fish until about 8 pm.

This is an excellent location for non anglers, with a full list of quality options for those who don’t fish but want to accompany friends and family who do. Please contact us for non angling options at Tipiliuke Lodge.

Walk n’ wade . Some float options are available.

Guests usually arrive at Ezeiza international airport in Buenos Aires. To get to Tipiliuke, you have to take a two-hour flight from the downtown airport ( Aeroparque), to the San Martin de los Andes airport (Chapelco) in Patagonia region. You will be met by a member of the lodge who will assist you and drive you to the Lodge.

Another alternative is to fly from Aeroparque to the Bariloche airport (2 hrs flight) in Patagonia region, where you will also be met by a transfer service. This however will involve a 3 hour drive through the scenic patagonian roads.

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All Australian and Canadian residences are required to pay a reciprocity fee, prior to your trip, to legally enter Argentina. Please click here - www.provincianet.com.ar - to make your purchase.

RATES FOR 2020/21

Please contact the office directly rates and availability on this special property and experience.