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International Airport

NAS - Nassau


November through early June


10 rods per week


Bonefish, Barracuda, Tarpon…

Andros South Bonefish Lodge is located on South Andros Island, in the Bahamas. This is the least developed of the ‘Family Island’ group. It is 30 miles west of Nassau, the Bahamian capital, and 175 miles south-east of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Lodge itself is on Kemp’s Bay, on the south-east shore of South Andros, near Little Creek, which connects to the West Coast.

Bonefish. Barracuda, tarpon, permit, jacks, snappers, sharks.

Mid-October through the end of May.

The standard trip at Andros South is a 7 nights / 6 days fishing package, that runs from Sunday to Sunday. Shorter trips are sometimes possible although not during peak season. The mid-day Sunday Lynx flight from Fort Lauderdale is convenient.

The attractive blue cabins on the azure beach all have air-conditioning, cable TV, en-suite bathroom and shower. All rooms are single-occupancy, unless requested otherwise. The Lodge prides itself on its ‘comfortable, friendly, laid-back’ style.

Angling capacity at Andros South is 10 rods per week.

South Andros is riddled with shallow tidal creeks and inland flats, marl flats and mangrove creeks, all with packed white-sand beds, great for wading. There are innumerable keys, shorelines, and creeks that can be fished from the skiffs. The average ‘schoolie’ bonefish in the area will be 2-4 lbs, but there are much larger fish (5-10 lbs) around, particularly over on the island’s West Coast, which is about an hour’s (weather-dependant) boat-ride away. Tarpon, when found, can be 40-100 lbs. An ocean-going Power catamaran is available, at extra cost, to fish the nearby blue holes, the Barrier Reef, or the famed ‘Tongue of the Ocean’, which descends suddenly to a depth of 6000 feet. Breakfast begins at 6:30am, and boats are on the water by 8:00am. It is a ride of 15 minutes to an hour to reach the most productive habitats, and anglers are heading home by 4:00pm, for drinks at the Slack Tide Tiki Bar on the Lodge’s beach, and a 6:30pm gourmet dinner. Fly and Spin Welcome.

16-foot Dolphin Super Skiffs with 85-HP Yamaha motors with poling platforms and spacious casting decks. For deep-sea fishing, a 25’ Power catamaran, with twin 150HP Yamahas, captained by Rosewell Rahming.

Andros South Lodge is a 20-minute drive from the airport in Congo Town on South Andros. There are several options for flying into Congo Town. One excellent way of reaching this part of Andros Island is by Western Air International.Western Air flies non-stop flights, multiple times per week, between Fort Lauderdale and Congo Town. Western Air’s mid-day Saturday flight matches up well with Andros South’s weekly changeover. Western Air flies from the Fort Lauderdale International airport, allowing for easy connections with flights within the United States, and outbound guests clear US Customs in Fort Lauderdale, which is usually a fairly smooth process. Groups of more than 6 persons may also consider a private charter from Ft. Lauderdale. We work with several charter companies in Ft. Lauderdale, and would be happy to work with you to arrange a charter flight. Once you arrive in Congo Town, a representative from Andros South Lodge will meet you at the airport for the short drive to the lodge.

Slipstream is a full service travel company that can handle a variety of services relating to your trip. For assistance, please contact us directly at 1 866 644-7703.




A valid passport good for 6 months AFTER the trip has been completed. Please note that the Bahamian Government is very strict about the 6 month stipulation and they’ve been known to turn anglers away who don’t have sufficient time left on their passport.

RATES FOR 2020/21

Oct 2020 - Jan, 2021 (SGL room, DBL Skiff)

7 Nights/ 6 Fishing Days = $4,250.00

6 Nights/ 5 Fishing Days = $3,950.00

5 Nights/ 4 Fishing Days = $3,400.00

4 Nights/ 3 Fishing Days = $2,700.00

3 Nights/ 2 Fishing Days = $2,150.00

Feb 2021 - May, 2021 (SGL room, DBL Skiff)

7 Nights/ 6 Fishing Days = $5,200.00

6 Nights/ 5 Fishing Days = $4,800.00

5 Nights/ 4 Fishing Days = $4,150.00

4 Nights/ 3 Fishing Days = $3,350.00

3 Nights/ 2 Fishing Days = $2,500.00

*For a single occupancy room and guide, there is an additional $550 charge/day