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International Airport

NAS - Nassau


year round


6 rods per week


Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit…

Located in Nicholl’s Town, North Andros Island, Bahamas.

Bonefish. Tarpon, Permit, Baracuda, Jacks, Mutton Snapper.

Year round.

There are no official arrival and departure days for this location although they do prefer a Saturday or Sunday arrival and departure, when possible.

Phillip and Betsy Rolle have built a quaint 3 bedroom cottage in a quiet neighbourhood at the northern tip of Andros. The cottage is a 3-bedroom, one story structure that houses a maximum of 6 anglers per week. Facilities include air conditioning, cable TV, full kitchen, sitting area, and rod holders. There is plenty of space for gear and just relaxing with a cup of coffee in the early morning or with a cold Kalik at the end of the day. There are several bars within a short 5 minute walk should guests feel like a night out. The meals are provided for by the Rolle’s own chef, who specifically caters to the fishing guests. Meals are served in the screened in porch and are a mix of seafood and other Bahamian specialties. Guests will be very pleased with the quality of the meals as well as the quantity of food offered. No one goes hungry!

Angling capacity is 6 rods per week.

The beauty of Philip Rolle’s operation at the northern tip of Andros’s North Bight, is the close proximity to the Joulters. The Joulters are a small group of islands/cays, that lie approximately 6-10 miles north of the mainland of Andros. This area is home to a range of fish but is especially known for its large bonefish and permit. The Joulters are one of, if not the most fertile permit grounds in the Bahamas. Large permit to 40 pounds can be found here in good numbers. These explosively fast and powerful fish also share this area with a fairly decent number of tarpon that live in the numerous cuts and channels that ribbon the Joulters flats system. The Joulters Cays are, without question, the best location in the Bahamas to specifically target permit and tarpon. The flats stretch for 20 miles and offer excellent wading with hard packed white sand being the predominant bottom feature of this location. The bonefish at Joulters are a healthy 4-5 pounds with double digit fish a fairly common sight.

The north-west section of Andros is very productive and there are very few guides, other than Phillip and his guides, who fish this area. The old DC 3 that sits broken up in the shallows marks the beginning of some superb bonefishing with flats that extend right up and around the West Andros Horm. If you head south from the horn, along the Western edge of Andros, there are numerous creeks mangrove estuaries and cuts that are prolific bonefish habitats. Some of the flats on the west side are simply enormous and there are rarely any anglers in this section of North Andros. The Red Bay area in particular has more flats than most anglers would ever expect to see in one place and this area has produced some absolute monster bonefish over the years for several of Phillip’s lucky clients. From the Joulter’s Cays south to Andros Town, is approximately 45 miles, and it is still considered North Andros. Many cays, cuts and superb flats are found along this section of northern Andros and this entire section of the Island is home to an abundance of unpressured, large average size bonefish. .

Mavericks and Hells bay Bonefishing Skiffs powered by 85 and 90 4 stoke engines.

Guests can fly into Nassau and then catch one of the two flights per day on Western Air that fly to San Andros, on Northern Andros. There is both a morning and afternoon flight to San Andros, from Nassau. Guests can also fly by chartered plane from the South Florida area (Miami or Fort Lauderdale) directly to San Andros. If you do end up flying through Nassau, please be aware that Nassau’s International Airport is divided into two sections: the Domestic Terminal and the International Terminal. They are located in different buildings and you have to go outside the International terminal (where you’ll arrive) to make your connecting Domestic flight. Don’t worry, the airport staff are used to dealing with the confusion and most any baggage handler or security personal will be happy to point the way. Just remember, you must clear Bahamas Customs with your luggage in Nassau before you make your connection or your luggage won’t make it. The lodge taxi driver, Allan Russell will be waiting for you at the San Andros Airport. And he’ll take you directly to the lodge.

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For American, Canadian and EU members, a valid passport good for 6 months AFTER the trip has been completed is required. Please note that the Bahamian Government is very strict about the 6 month stipulation and they’ve been known to turn anglers away who don’t have sufficient time left on their passport.

RATES FOR 2020/21

7 nights 6 days $4,700 USD DBL
6 nights 5 days $4,150 USD DBL
5 nights 4 days $3,450 USD DBL
4 nights 3 days $2,625 USD DBL
3 nights 2 days $2,150 USD DBL

7 nights 6 days $7,900 USD SGL
6 nights 5 days $6,900 USD SGL
5 nights 4 days $5,900 USD SGL
4 nights 3 days $4,900 USD SGL
3 nights 2 days $3,450 USD SGL