THE FISHING The Bow River is world renowned for the quality of its trout fishing. Given the urban environment of several of the blue ribbon stretches of the river, it’s quite incredible that there a

THE FISHING Nestled in the majestic coastal mountains near Terrace, British Columbia, Canada, the mighty Skeena River and its tributaries form the major arteries that fork through stands of old growth

MV Salmon Seeker The M.V. Salmon Seeker is a marvelous 180’ ship-turned-hotel, permanently anchored at Kano Inlet, in the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia. Every year, from early June to

THE FISHING Almost 200 miles from the closest road, the North Seal is still one of the few areas left below the tree line that is still accessible only by air. This all but ensures for guests a pristi

THE FISHING The Miramichi River system has an average annual spawning run of approximately 50,000 Atlantic salmon, making it the most prolific salmon river in all of North America. Among its many bran