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International Airport



March 19 to September 1


2 rods per week



Cayos de San Felipe National Park is located 30 miles off the south west coast of Cuba, with the closest town on the mainland being La Coloma


March 19 to September 1

This location runs on a strict Friday or Saturday arrival. Guest departure will depend on whether this trip is booked as a five or six day fishing trip. With this trip and the isolated location of the fishery, guests will have to do two nights in Havana. One on the front end of the trip and the other on the back end.

The accommodations are on board a comfortable Mainship Corporation 40 foot sport fishing vessel. The boat was built in 1998 and features twin diesel engines. With just two anglers on board, there is lots of space, both inside the cabin and outside, where there are two levels of outdoor seating. There are two births at the front of the cabin with one head with freshwater shower to share.

2 rods per week

This remote series of islands is a first class tarpon fishery and while other species are available, this location should be viewed first and foremost as a tarpon oriented destination. Part of why we like this location so much in terms of the tarpon fishing is the multitude of environments where the guides consistently find tarpon. The average water depth of the area guests will be fishing, is between 3 and 6 meters deep. The San Felipe chain of islands consist primarily of mangrove, Australian scrub pine, along with numerous sand beaches. There are countless channels running through the islands, along with many hidden mangrove bays and for our money, some of the finest white sand bottom flats we’ve seen anywhere for site casting to big tarpon. The ocean side beaches in particular are very long and offer very good visibility for seeing tarpon a long ways off.

The channels between the islands offer very good fishing for tarpon. With strong currents ripping through the islands bait fish get caught up in the pull and tarpon seem to be waiting to ambush them on the incoming and outgoing tides. In this environment, you can frequently find a lot of rolling fish.

The tarpon flats on the ocean side of several of the islands are about as food as it gets from a site casting perspective. With clean white sand bottoms, these flats are ideal for anglers to stake out a good position where the tarpon will pass through. On our trip here in October of 2015, we saw 80 pound fish every day while we were there.

There is some limited bonefish and permit fishing to be had at Cayo San Felipe, along with a wide variety of jacks, Mutton and Cubera snappers and some very big barracudas.

The skiff that guests fish from on this trip is rather unique. It’s a traditional Bass Tracker boat that has been modified with a poling platform for the guide. I was a little skeptical at first but with about 20 minutes realized what a great flats boat this is to fish from. The casting deck is large and clear, the skiffs draws very little water and can get ion to very skinny water if needed. The skiff has comfortable seats and plenty of dry storage throughout the boat.

Guests will fly in and out through Havana on arrival and departure days. Upon arrival in Havana, guests will be met as soon as they clear customs by a member of our staff. Guests will then be transferred from the international airport to a 4 star hotel in downtown Havana, where guests will overnight. The next day, guests will be transferred to the domestic airport for the flight to the Isle of Youth and the city of Nueva Gerona. From there, guests will be driven to the port where they will board the live aboard and immediately set a course to the San Felipe Cays.

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1) A valid passport that does not expire for at least 6 months after your departure from Cuba
2) A Cuban Entry Visa.

RATES FOR 2016-17
$6200 USD with 5 days of guided fishing
$6950 USD with 6 days of guided fishing