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EZE - Argentina


Jan 5 to April 15


8 anglers a week


Brown Trout, sea-run Brown Trout…

On the Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina. In the region known as Patagonia, just north of the Strait of Magellan. Near the southern tip of South America!

Brown Trout, sea-run Brown Trout.

Jan 5 to April 15.

Turnaround days at the lodge fall on Saturday. This means that guests will have to fly into BA on Friday in order to catch the Saturday flight from BA to Rio Gallegos. On the departure day, guests should either book a late afternoon / early evening flight out of BA or spend Saturday night in BA and then fly home on Sunday.

Open since 1995, Bella Vista is a beautifully refurbished white ranch-house ‘Estancia’, The name itself means ‘beautiful view’. Featuring five en-suite bedrooms, with ample dining and living areas, excellent meals are served, often featuring lamb and beef raised on the massive ranch next door. Short distances [usually only a five-minute walk] to the fishing make it comfortable to return at midday for lunch and a siesta, since days can be long. The long sunlit days make for 9 or 10 hours of fishing, however, fishing by moonlight on the river can also be quite rewarding.

8 anglers per week.

Fishing on the Rio Gallegos, in this Patagonia region of Argentina is world- acclaimed. Home of two species of Trout: the giant sea- run Brown Trout, which average 10lbs, regularly running up to 25 -30 lbs. and also the resident Browns, which average 2/3 lbs [up to 7lbs] for everyday angling. The Rio Gallegos is regarded as one of the Argentina’s most productive river systems, in fact, it is now preferred over the Rio Grande by many discriminating anglers. It is mixture of holing pools, interspersed with fast riffles and boulder-strewn runs. The bottom is mainly a gravel base, which provides sure-footed wading at all times.

From the river you will see vast grasslands and hills, massive herds of sheep and large numbers of hawks and ostriches. The legendary Patagonian wind will prevail at times, giving each fisherman the opportunity to learn new techniques of wind casting. The fishing in general is full- on and a test for both the experienced and inexperienced fly fisher. You’ll fish small dry flies for fast rising Browns, or traditional Salmon and sea- run wet flies for the sea- run Browns. The angling for the giant sea- run Browns is fly- fishing at its finest. Your casts and presentations will be challenged at every section of this expansive river system. Sea-run Trout range to sizes that are a test to any angler’s skill. You are constantly presented with rises and takes of stunning impact. Line and rod control are all-important to each strike. Within this vast watershed, you can access the spring- fed Chico River, which is rated as one of the world’s best dry- fly rivers for rising Browns. Dry fly- fishing becomes a true art when fishing the Rio Gallegos Chico River system. Your involvement at Chico will require skill and confidence in all aspects of traditional dry- fly fishing. Roll casts and cross stream mending presentations are standard, and terrestrial patterns of beetle, ants and hoppers are the most used.

The Chico has few equals for a dry fly-fishing adventure. It is unique for this region and in some respects comparable to that of Silver Creek, Idaho, USA. Water temperatures of the Chico are considerably lower than Silver Creek, with the average fish 1/3 larger than its US counterpart. The best time for Rio Gallegos is late February and March, until the middle of April. The size of the fish is more or less the same as on the Rio Grande, perhaps slightly smaller average weight, or around 9 pounds. The biggest fish of the last season was around 25 pounds and several fish over 20 pounds are landed every year. Double-handed rods are recommended, 13 - or 14 - foot for 9-10 line. Similar to the Pira Lodge, all Guides will rotate every two days of angling. Guide activities will also include special tuition in Spey casting with double-handed rods. Transportation is in a four-wheel cabin SUV. All fishing locations are within 1 hour’s drive from the Lodge proper.The fishing is strictly ‘catch-and-release’, with barbless hooks.

Most fishing is wade, but some small craft are available for drift. All-terrain vehicles take anglers to more remote fishing sites.
Fly fishing only

Guests will fly to Buenos Aires and typically stay overnight, relaxing and enjoying the day touring the city and its nightlife. The following day guests will fly south to Rio Gallegos, a 3 hour flight on a commercial jet. Lodge staff will meet guests at the airport in Rio Gallegos, from there it is a 90 minute drive to the lodge

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American, Canadian, British, EU and Australian guests will need a valid passport and return plane ticket to enter Argentina. All Australian and Canadian residences are required to pay a reciprocity fee, prior to your trip, to legally enter Argentina. Please click here to make your purchase.

RATES FOR 2016-17

$5,250 USD DBL
$6,200 USD SGL